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Emily Sanders aka zoeyzane found

A body matching the description of Emily Sander was found about 50 miles east of El Dorado.

Is Emily Sanders Zoey Zane?

At the moment of Emily Sanders’ disappearance, Zoey Zane nude pictures show up everywhere on the Internet. The Zoey Zane website filled with naked Zoey Zane pics goes offline… Emily Sanders resembles Zoey Zane and her brother confirms.

Zoey Zane is easily recognized by the big tattoo on her right waist…

Zoey Zane nude

Zoey Zane nude cowgirl shoot

… now that you have seen all the Zoey Zane Porn, let’s focus:

  • Zoey Zane / Emily Sanders is murdered
  • Zoey Zane / Emily Sanders was last seen leaving the Retreat bar with a man identified as Israel Mireles. Her car was found the following day at the bar.
  • El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said Mireles is the last person known to be seen with Emily Sanders aka Zoeyzane.
  • Joe Terziu, owner of Bella Casa Italian Restaurant, where Mireles worked, told The Wichita Eagle that he saw blood on a bed and carpet in the motel room where Mireles had been staying. Police have not confirmed the account.
  • A rental car he had been driving turned up Tuesday in Texas.
  • A nationwide manhunt is under way for Mireles and his 16-year-old girlfriend Victoria Martens.

Help to find Israel Mireles

Victori Martens Israel Mireles

Israel Mireles with 16 year old pregnant girlfriend Victoria Martens assumed to be traveling together to Mexico.

Israel Mireles

Israel Mireles 3 weeks ago.

Israel Mireles is the last one known to have seen Zoey Zane aka Emily Sanders

Zoey Zane is only a tip of the story

How much money can you make buy taking off your clothes if you are not at all famous?

Peanuts! And it’s a one time payment.

How much can you make selling naked pictures on the Internet?

A lot! And it’s an ongoing payment-strategy:
same pictures + different visitors = more money.

Now Zoey Zane is found and hopefully her murderer, the rest of the chain will continue…

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