Would you buy diamonds online?

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend… Ok, you heard that before, but do you know what diamonds are all about? Diamonds are much more than just shiny stones. If you combine the shape and the cut of diamonds, you come already to 50 different types of diamonds…

How did I become suddenly so smart? Because I looked at the beautiful and clear pictures of diamonds at loose diamond search. There they also explain about size, color and clarity. So before buying any other diamond, read that page first!

What I further like about this jewelry site mysolitaire.com is the amount of choice they provide. When it comes to jewelry, you can never have enough choices I find. Well, maybe men are less fussy when it comes to jewelry, but I like to shop around and have a look at all that is on offer before buying more expensive jewelry. So I am quite happy to see a lot of pictures before choosing jewelry.

diamond ringVery practical is that you can browse in your own price range. I mean: I don’t need to see all the expensive Engagement Rings, I can do in the price range below 300$ like this 1/4th CT Diamond heart ring. For Wedding Rings I would love to choose from the diamond rings in the higher price range of course 🙂

Would I buy from mysolitaire.com? When it comes to Diamond Rings and diamonds in particular, I would have felt more comfortable if the website wrote clearly that the diamonds on sale have a certificate or not. I would surely check out their toll free 866-697-6548 telephone number a few times when expensive diamonds are involved.

What makes me feel safe buying from mysolitaire.com is the return policy combined with the interest free payment plan. Worst case scenario is that in case of not receiving satisfactory jewelry, I didn’t have to pay full price for it.

Al in all a well done online jewelry shop with clear pictures, a safe purchase and return policy, lots of choices in all price ranges and a toll free number to get more information.

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