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Here is some linkbait from Empower Women Now calling for a link-exchange with all women and mom bloggers. (Now I always thought the latter would imply the first…)

What is in it for you?

  • you’re guaranteed at least 2 link-backs,
  • a chance to win $500.95 in prizes,
  • you will get a $200 PRWeb.com press release for free,
  • and MUCH more…

Empower Women Now has an exuberant amount of info about making money on the Internet. Posts go like: "10 ways to do this", "11 ways to do that"… I already stated in my join the ultimate guide to productivity that my multitasking brain has a limit of 7 ways only…

Empower Women Now seems to be a portal blog to other woman bloggers, so I should get into that group as well 🙂 After all they are giving away link love, and who better to ask than Linky Love herself! That’s why I should be a guest writer at Empower Women Now.

You better go and have a look at Empower Women Now yourself. The professional writer and author Ponn is so amazing by answering my comment personally in an email. A plus: Empower Women Now is a Do Follow blog like me, so start commenting and get a higher PageRank!

Tell Linky Love about your Link Bait!

If you join Empower Women Now, leave a comment here, so next time you have some linkbait, you know how many people grab your linkbait when you tell Linky Love all about it!


  1. Hey Linky Love!
    Love the link-love lovey 🙂

    Thanks for such a generous and kind review too…wow, I’m blushin 😉

    Ya know…like DAH! I totally missed your 2 pink bettles up above. Can me banner-blind, cuz I am…really!

    1. Anyways, you’re entered into the contest…woo hoo.

    2. You need to follow the directions carefully for the FREE $200 PRWeb.com press release, after all it is a real USD value, of their premium top of the line press release package.

    Talk about Linky Love…you’ll love what they have to offer you!

    3. Don’t forget to join the Link Directory now…if you get me on your sidebar somewhere 😉

    4. Please become active in our community, as you shared we have a TON of awesome and unique resources! Yes, yes…commenting is filled with LinkY-love with us 🙂

    And last but not least, as I shared…I haven’t unveiled my Guest Blogging category yet…as I have half-dozen requests before even asking for them. So, stay tuned I’ll keep you posted.

    To our success & empowerment,

  2. Ayaa Ponn,

    Don’t let me blush here: look at my little post and your way much bigger comment…

    Meanwhile added you to the partners blogroll (since you don’t show my Linky Love button)

    See you later!

  3. Thanks Sweetie!

    Well, you got at least 3 linkies outta me. 1 on the Link Directory, I got you entered in the contest, so that post is growing, and put your adorable “Linky Love” button up on my ‘Links, etc.’ page.

    FYI, while my home page right now is PR3-4, my static pages are 5…so Linky Love is a static page. Also, all around I’m predicted for PR5 in the upcoming update 😉

    Looking forward to you sticking around EmpowerWomenNow.com and gaining more from our community 😉


  4. Many many thanks Ponn!

    Give me till next month to stick around more at http://www.EmpowerWomenNow.com.

    Got torn my ligament on my left wrist, so keeping typing to the minimum.

    Lets get PR5 together! Although I am aiming for 8 😈

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