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Contest hosted at thepinkc dot net


ThePinkC aka ultimate geek girl is a fun website that gives you tech news, tips on technology and living!


The website is hosted by Ellie aka ultimate geek girl who is an expert in WordPress. She must have reviewed all the WordPress plugins that are out there like Comment Love and Automatically Add Links to Related Sites.


I got to know ultimate geek girl when I was on my quest to earn money online with this blog.


During those days she was already making 2 to 4 times more money online than I did and what’s nice is that she constantly writes about how you can improve your blogging experience.


But it’s not all geeks for geeks, it’s all written in a clear and fun way that even my grandmother would understand. And it’s not only about IT, there is also some good advice about living better like taking your bike in stead of your car for a change.


But best of all, ultimate geek girl just loves to give knowledge and things away, so you better hurry and join here contest before the 28th of September at:


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