Win £120 and priceless Linky Love!

This is a contest based on merit in stead of cheer luck, which means the bigger your effort, the bigger your prize!

What can you win?

You can have your 468×60 banner shown for at least 1 month on prime time web estate space: on top of my blog, like so:

win top banner space at Linky Love

Work your banner on top of Linky Love for at least 1 month
normal purchase price £120!

Yes, at least 1 month, which means you can also have your banner there FREE for at most 3 months!

How do you win?

  1. You need to join FREE in our toplist, because that’s where your merit will be measured
  2. You need to make buzz on your blog about this contest, and link back to this post.
  3. You need to comment here that you are participating in the contest (so everybody knows who they are competing with)
  4. You win 1 month of banner space when:
    1. in 1 day you have the highest amount of visitors and nobody else has an higher amount of daily visitors during the time of the contest (so each day you can have another go and be on top!)
  5. You win another 1 month of banner space if:
    1. you have the highest average amount of visitors during the last 1 week of the contest
  6. You win yet another 1 month of banner space if:
    1. you agree to put up my banner (linking to with anchor text “Add your link”) on top of your blog for 1 month as well. (Merit will go to the blog that is listed at least 1 week in our toplist and has the highest average amount of visitors counted according to your toplist statistics in the case more blogs will take this offer.)
      In the true spirit of Linky Love, maybe I can even have a runner up here, depending on how popular this contest gets 🙂
      (As a bonus for people that react fast: if you show my banner now on your blog, then during the contest I will show yours as well, unless another participant joins: I only have space for 1 banner).
  7. The contest should end at November, 15 2007

Making buzz about my contest

Thanks to winning a contest at The PinkC, I will grab some contestants from
there to get the ball going. So thanks for participating!


  1. I would but Fracas would win – she wins everything. Or Joey Moggie, never me, ever.
    Why don’t you register with FuelMyBlog? and then you can vote for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and you’d get loads of Linky Love as well.

  2. @DaddyP

    As long as fracas doesn’t join you have all reasons to win!

    You do rank in the top 10!

    Ok, now you need to explain me this fuelmyblog concept, thank you!

  3. Please acknowledge I fulfilled 1, 2, 3 and 6 🙂

  4. @ Womans Swimwear

    Thanks for participating! Now invite all your friends and family members!

  5. Just go to Fuelmyblog, from my blog if you likey Linky, register and join in the fun…………… and then vote for me, not Fracas …….simple

  6. @DaddyP

    I fueled your blog as per your clear and vivid instructions (not to mention the money involved…)

  7. @MyBlogContest

    Be aware it’s a contest based on merit, not just on random luck as metioned on your blog.

  8. @Myblogcontest

    Are you saying you are joining as well?

  9. Hi LL

    Count me in for the contest. First 3 conditions fulfilled.

    Posted about te contest here:


  10. @Adil

    Welcome and since you have my big banner up, please make a 468×60 banner so I can rotate it with the previous contestant’s banner for the duration of the contest.

    Did you put the counter HTML code sent to you in email? I didn’t see it at first, but I do need glasses 😉

  11. Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have added your contest to several related categories in our directory.

    Please feel free to keep me up to date on future listings. Have a great day!

  12. Thanks for entering me.
    Yes, the HTML code put just below the subscribe feed on middle block at the top.
    I will send you the 468*60 banner in a day or two.


  13. @Adil

    That’s sounds like ovr the weekend, so give me time to upload it after the weekend 🙂

  14. @Mr Prizes

    Thanks! Are you participating as well or just giving me Linky Love?

  15. I entered, right?

  16. @Ellie

    Yes, now you finished your last task and told me that you entered, you are in! See, those posts of MR Prizes are not clear if they are in or not, and we know they love to list contests without taking part. So up to them to be clear about it as clear as you!

  17. Hi LL

    Count me in for the contest. All conditions fulfilled.

    Posted about your contest here:


  18. @All

    Contest is finished: participants can see how they did in their stats at

    Participants that put up a banner will get some extra promotion for putting up my banner (please remove it unless you love to look at it 😈 )

    People that buzzed about the contest will get an extra thank you next week when the official results will be published.

    Thanks all for participating!

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