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I have been following Alvin’s blog since its debut about 3 years ago. Alvin has been inspiring me to take action and make my first 1.000.000 dollar, just like he envisioned himself to make his first million dollar at the end of last year.

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Ever since, I have been bombarding Alvin with questions in comments on his blog. Lo and behold: each time Alvin makes the effort to answer my questions and take me one step further in my quest to make money online.

What I most love about Alvin: he is no guru from Mars selling you the latest must have ebook before your blog is doomed. Alvin is a person like you and me who invites you into his daily live to show you:

  • why he needed to make extra money online,
  • how he made money online from less than $100 in 3 months to making a 4 and 5 figure income a month
  • how easy you can make money online when you take action.

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Grabbing opportunities as a money making strategy

Grabbing opportunities is a stressful, short term strategy. Stressful because:

  • you have no advance clue when the opportunity rises
  • you have no advance clue what skills you need to really make it work
  • you have no clue how long the opportunity will last
  • you have no clue when the next opportunity walks by.

The biggest advantage of a good opportunity is that it should give you fast money: good for paying the monthly bills.

The advantage is mostly short lived (if you read this post by now, you are too late to grab the $200…) but can be huge compared to the extra time or effort you have to put in. In the "make money online" business, many of these opportunistic ideas are typically sold by the "make $1000 a day" gurus, that found "the untapped loophole".

Real opportunities to grab are the ones you have a clear idea about how much your profit most likely will be. Based on that calculated guess it’s up to you to grab or not to grab. My rule of thumb: if my day-job pays me 100RM and the opportunity pays me 100RM in 2 hours, I grab, because it’s always a good idea to maximize your time.

Having said that, make sure that you are working on a long term strategy to make money: otherwise you will be running around like a chicken chasing possible worms.

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