Why Women Reject Men

why women reject men

Learn the main 2 reasons why women reject men and what you need to do to how to pick up girls more successfully.


All men have a different approach in how to get a date yet all women have only 3 ways to react on that approach:


  • the girl likes you and you start a conversation
  • the girl doesn’t like you and uses friendly rejection lines like: "I already have a boyfriend" or a friendly "no thank you"
  • the girl gets angry and vicious about you, meaning you did something really stupid!


There is no rocket science in how to get a girlfriend: first impressions do count and their’s not much you can do about that: some girls will like you and some will not. As long as you like yourself, you will find girls that like you as such. If you don’t like yourself, that will be mirrored in the girls you approach: if you reject yourself, of course girls will equally reject yourself, yet in a friendly matter, just like you get rejected at a job interview.


So what you need to be aware of is not acting stupid: just like a stupid mosquito buzzing around your ear will be whacked in a vicious way, same could happen to you when you buzz around a girl in a stupid way.


4 reasons why women reject men


  1. You don’t accept no for an answer when you meet single women: when the girl rejects you with a friendly: "I am waiting for my girlfriends", yet you insist to sit down, no she says, you insist paying her a drink… each extra no will only lead to a huge outburst of rejection on her part
  2. You do or say something stupid without even paying attention to the girl in the first place. Putting your arm around her when introducing yourself or behaving like a horny dog will guarantee you a rejection
  3. You don’t look nor dress for success: if you have sweaty armpits and you don’t even dare to look the girl you are trying to date in the eyes, then go back home, take a shower and practice eye contact in the mirror. Otherwise your fear for rejection will become reality in no time!
  4. You don’t notice that the girl you are talking to becomes nervous. So you managed to win her over with your opening move, but a few seconds later reality takes over and for one reason or another, the girl becomes nervous. Keep your guard up and try to find out what could be the problem. When you act if nothing is wrong, you will find out less subtle that something is going wrong big time on your date.


Now that you know what to pay attention to in order not to get rejected by women, improve yourself by reading extra dating tips for men. However, these online dating tips will only work once you know why women reject men in the first place.


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