Why the doctor wants me to undress?

… Especially when you have a painful throat?

That’s what happened to me years ago and luckily I was smart enough to keep my clothes on: my mom always told me to wear enough clothes when you have a cold 🙂 …

But what’s important here is: I never reported that doctor to any official authority, first and foremost because there doesn’t even exist any official authority for male doctors interested in female breasts.


No reports means chiropractor sexual assaults continued unnoticed

Take the Canadian case of Michael Buna : a Victoria chiropractor who:

  • has been convicted of five counts of sexual assault and
  • has been acquitted of five other sex charges

Most likely acquitted because you cannot really be sure that somebody that does a sexual assault once, would do it again, like 5 times more when thereare already 5 times to be sure about… What crap is this????

Buna, who operated two chiropractic offices in the Victoria area, was charged with a single count of sexual assault in November of 2005.

Ten charges were eventually laid when more women came forward after Victoria police set up a confidential phone line for possible victims.

Many complained Buna touched their breasts or watched them undress when they were in his office for treatment…

Need for (sexual) harassment confidential phone lines

Only when 1 person dares to speak out, the crowd will follow. But sometimes nobody dares to speak up, other times somebody does speak up but for the wrong reasons.

Everybody knows there is no such thing as a fair world, yet some things are way too obvious and not accounted for…

Needs of (sexual) harassment victims

It’s quite easy to put away for a few years this chiropractor, but what about the state of mind of all the girls he harassed? You can see an harassment, but you can never see the emotional scares of any harassment…

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