Why PayPerPost is Bullying our leg

Is US a big bully when it comes to world politics?

Why is PayPerPost pulling our non US legs? Or is it just the US way of being a big bully?

Those days in the PayPerPost boards there was a big pooh-ha that Non US posties don’t speak good English.

When I stated that there where people like Jay in the UK also speaking perfect English, there was a short "OOPS".

After more yeckety-yeck that non US and non UK posties don’t speak good English, I added Australia to the forgotten countries like UK.

There was another short "OOPS".

It all sounds like Arnolds’ the Terminator policy, oops, not policy, movie!

How do humans read English?

Read the passage at Ankit Shukla, our latest subscriber in Wanna be on Top?

On Wednesdays PayPerPost remembers the world

Since so far PayPerPost has the slogan I Never Met a Postie I Didn’t Like, it’s because suckers like me keep quiet because I have no choice to smooch PPP in order to maybe get a little glimpse of what was.

Like today is supposed to be PPP opening the posts to non US bloggers. Well: let’s see how many PayPerPost paid posts you will see on my blog today… I bet the same like last Wednesday and all the days before: zero.

Anybody want’s to share a US residence with me?

That’s all that’s missing to get the more than 150 opportunities that are available into my blogs.


  1. yaiks! I got zero today… been checking almost 10 times or more but have to opps at all… 😛

  2. so, how are you today? I just try to join your linky love..


  3. @trinity

    As you can see: Linky Love no opps, French Swear words 1 5$ opp.

    Vomiting blood seeing the 1K 50$ Tuesday opps about Argus just before Tuesday midnight. Of course all taken… Anyways, like John Chow says: don’t put your eggs in 1 basket!

  4. thanks for the mention… have a go at my competition, that’s open to people living anywhere as long as they have a vague grasp of English…!
    it pays better than PPP if you win!

  5. Hey I added my site to your ad link 🙂 FYI 🙂

  6. hello… finally im back here! hehehhe… im sorry for not linking back… i lost this link somewhere when i changed my template over and over… so sorry… but i already put the linklove button on my front page…

    by the way, i am also planning to have a link-loving blog on my blogspot, but im not quite sure what am i going to do for instructions on backlinks… could you please help me with this… you can contact me through my blog or email me at [email protected]

    and finally, it seems that my link on A writer’s blog has a number 1 in it. my correct blog address is http://yatotchronicles.blogspot.com

    thanks again for the love link

  7. @Jay

    Iv BayBerBost doezn’t like my Engliszh, then what chance do I make on a UK competition?

    Oh, I just see it’s becouse the html code sent to you isn’t installed on your blog, as I am sure if you did, you should be ranking on top!

  8. @Yatot

    Rule number one in Link Love: never lose your links!

    But also thanks for highlighting I don’t have a contact page, so for now, email me at daza88 at yahoo dot com

  9. i already emailed you… thanks for the response

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