Why Men Fear Dating “Big Girls” -GurlTalkkTV

This episode covers the two general fears that cause a person to hesitate in dating a plus sized individual.


  1. peglegmandi says

    idk why some of you girls are getting so defensive.
    i am a big girl myself and i really appreciate that this guy
    acknowledges that everyone needs love. hes being
    real and it seems like he is just trying to help a girl out
    who might not know how to approach a topic like this
    with a loved one.

  2. LifeIs2Kewl2013 says

    I’m a big girl but I exercise at least 4x a week but I am big boned just like my mom :/ so I will never be a tiny size 2 or anything but I do have a pretty face and a nice personality 🙂 and I’m pretty much the athletic type…but I still love myself….kind of 😛

  3. greenizDAnublaque says

    thinks for this video.

  4. mropal100 says

    @mistamac123 Stop encouraging fatness you idiot. The shit is not only disgusting but terribly unhealthy. Fat women are always outgoing and aggressive because they’re fat. They know thier looks wont attract men so they are forced to work more on thier social skills.

  5. mropal100 says

    @mzfreakum No, but that’s what fat chicks tell themselves as a way to not face the disgusting aspect of their appearance.

  6. mropal100 says

    What a joke. Just tell them to stop eating fast food, cake, pizaa, and every other thing that makes them fat and join a gym. Men dont like big women because being romantic with a big woman is a nightmare. It looks disgusting.

  7. TiannaWilliams8 says

    @Night9989 Go kill urself

  8. Night9989 says

    Big women are the scum of the earth. Fat lazy gluttons think they can do nothing and get everything.

  9. srbumblediva says

    @GamingQueen88 I second that Diva!

  10. visweetaddie says

    like afraid of his friends seeing you together

  11. ACoreyStory says

    i dont think men fear dating big women i think men fear dating insecure women… women that are so self contious about appearance that they forget to enjoy the date/relationship… those very same women will blame every flaw of the relationship on weight. “i know im not your ideal size but…”

  12. starangel031785 says

    maybe he is not attracted to her…….i know i wouldn’t be attracted to a big guy? i am really active and i expect the same from any man i date.

  13. IndependenceChild says

    Thanks for this topic…. On point..

  14. sweetalker79 says

    @newmanballa29 You don’t have to worry about it, sweetie, cuz you will never, ever, get a woman pregnant… unless she’s drunk as hell.

  15. MeganAnAmerican says

    I’m a bigger girl and I exercise doing kickboxing and jump roping for my footwork not all big people are counch potatoes

  16. I don’t date fat women because it’s disgusting. Other from that, the state I live in is filled with fat women…which leaves the alternative even more desirable

  17. BellaReigne says

    If your 50 or 500 pounds thats not healthy

  18. NonButterface says

    This has nothing to do with the topic, but you are adorable 🙂

  19. mzfreakum says

    umm i think that guys fear they cant handle a big girl thats why they dont date them!

  20. Im scared of big women because she will eeet mee

  21. werheroszz123 says

    This video is amazing:) It is positive for all shapes, sizes, ages, genders ext. It truly reminds you that no matter you size, shape, age, gender or whatever; you have to ask yourself if the person you are in love with loves you unconditionally. You must also never settle weither you’re big or small just beacuse you think you can’t get anything else. You need a true, unconditionally loving relationship. (size has NOTHING to do with love, if it did you’d be in lust not love)

  22. HotShot5494 says

    You do not speak for all men, you speak for one of them.

  23. mistamac123 says

    @mishalove25 depends on a man’s definition of big. My opinion of big girls, is that if you dont care enough to take care of yourself, and realize that too much weight is not healthy at all, then why should a man have to deal with your unhealthy lifestyle? I believe in stayin fit and in shape. I want a woman who is not over weight, and careless about their weight.

  24. mishalove25 says

    I don’t know why some men seem to think that all big women are 400+. I guess cause they see these really big women on the discovery channel “The 600lb woman” and think everyone walking about like that.

  25. Darkgodessss3 says

    I think “big girls” will be more faithful n loyal because when they find a guy who actually is into them, theyre ganna want to do everything 2 please him and keep him. but not all “big girls” r like that. ive been with my man for 7 years n never cheated cuz im scared i wouldnt have ne other options if things with wrong with us.

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