Why men fail miserably at SEO?


Because they always wanna be on top… Because men also fail in taking care of mother earth… Are you a real man? Then you need some extra explanation now 🙂


Men don’t think long term!


Go on a date with a man and you can see their eyes already drifting off to the next girl…


What has SEO to do with dating you ask? Well, for men SEO is like dating Google:


Make sure you get on top fast and
then never call back…


Expert Blogger Alvin PhangTake Expert blogger Alvin Phang’s last post about 8 SEO tricks to get more traffic to your blog…

There you are: telling you tricks…

Doesn’t this remind you on 8 pick up lines to date girls?


Now we all know that there are good "daters" out there, and you can be assured that using SEO tricks will get you on top sooner or later because well:


girls can be fooled and Google can as well.


But girls are getting smarter and Google as well: you need to up your game in order to keep up the paste… Men will now say: I need better tricks…


Now what about marriage? You know:

doing it all right and being number 1 for ever!


Squidoo Expert Kelly StoneThis is exactly the female touch me and Kelly are using 🙂


All you need to do to rank number 1 is:

making sure Google falls in love with your article!




Making sure that what you write in your article
is exactly what you promise in your title.


That’s the heart of the story.


Wearing a nice suit or using the latest 8 SEO tricks gets you noticed faster, but when there is nothing substantial under the suit, you won’t last long…


  • If you want a girl, you need to call back the next day…
  • If you want Google, you need to call back the next day as well…


Yes that’s right: most of you don’t marry after a first date, do you?


Google has the same idea: even if the date is perfect and you rank number 1, Google will put you to the test….


…Men will now ask: so how do they test me, which tricks do I need to add now?


Again, that’s typical men’s approach…

The smart approach is simple: you need to ask yourself:

is my article really "the best"?


If you can’t answer with "yes"… then you shouldn’t be on top. Google will think exactly the same!


The only eBook I read so far making sure:

  • you write excellent articles AND
  • you follow up and improve on your articles is…


Squidoo Expert Kelly StoneSquidoo Lens Building and Growing from Kelly.


Men’s SEO stops after ‘building’,
women’s SEO continues with ‘growing’!


See the difference between male and female SEO?


Ever wondered why I get so many visitors without using tricks like updating my site at least 3 times a week?


Because I am a woman using woman power SEO 🙂


Women will know what to do now.


For men I will explain the next trick to rank number 1 in Google: get yourself a copy of Squidoo Lens Building and Growing from Kelly or… marry me 🙂