Why Luca Marin has as much balls as Laure Manaudou

Why does everybody wants to strip somebody these days?

Geneviève de Fontenay strips Valerie Begue

Even the boss of Miss France: Geneviève de Fontenay, 75 years young mind you: just wants to strip Valerie Begue: strip Valérie Begue from her new Miss France 2008 title she got 2 weeks now.

Why? Because she found some pictures of Valerie Begue she didn’t like: posing
like Jesus Christ:

valerie begue

Valerie Begue in so called compromising positions…

Wasn’t it Jesus Christ himself saying:
Who is without sins: throw the first stone!…

You can read and see more about Valerie Begue in my French Swear Words blog: especially her combination of stones and yogurt… compromising in the Middle Ages maybe?

Luca Marin strips Laure Manaudou

Now from the country of the Moulin Rouge, you won’t be surprised the French do like to strip. But Luca Marin is not French and therefore claims:

I did not put these Laure Manaudou nude pictures on the Internet.

How courageous this Luca Marin: asking his female friend Federica Pellegrini, who is of course yet another female swimmer and rival from Laure Manaudou, to do the dirty job.

Federica Pellegrini

Federica Pellegrini: if you follow the guy’s hands, aren’t these what you would call compromising positions?

A tit for a tat?

So who’s ex boyfriend of Federica Pellegrini has a girlfriend that’s willing to post …

federica pellegrini nude

Federica Pellegrini nude pictures? …

It’s time the Internet gets invaded by some geeks so we can find real information again on the Internet in stead of nude pictures that get revealed by guys without balls… Very pathetic what Luca Marin did… Unless, it really isn’t about Luca Marin but more about female swimmers…

Why nude pictures?

It’s not about the pictures… it’s about:

  • lots of money involved in contracts
  • the Olympic games
  • on top swimmer trying to bypass the other top swimmer in any way!

Nude pictures are a way of getting the real news out of the news!


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