Why John Chow shits in his pants

Remember that silly video where John Chow, "mister make money online" himself starts talking about shit for almost an hour or less?

Well, reading how Squidoo Queen makes $2800 a month I finally got 1 and 1 together when it comes to making money. Quite embarrassing that it took me 1 year, but then I
only recently got my hands on Squidoo Queen’s secrets and one thing leads to the other.

2 secrets of making money

1. Fertilize what works

make money online

As simple as that: whatever is growing in making you money, make sure you keep on feeding it so it grows more.

2. Flush what doesn’t work

flush what does not make money

As simple as that: don’t waste time on things making you pennies when somewhere else you are making dollars.

Flush anything out of your system that keeps you away from making money during the hours you are trying to make money.

3. Summarized: the 3 F words for success

F for fertilize what works.

F for flush what doesn’t make you money

F for why didn’t I figure this out sooner…

Thanks Squidoo Queen for the final e-book in my success 🙂