Why Hady Mirza wins Asian Idol

Why does Hady Mirza from tiny Singapore win Asian Idol? Just because he is so darn cute? And why do we put it on our Monday Make Money Online theme?

Is being cute enough to win a singing contest? Could be, because you can be sure he hasn’t the best voice of the 6 Asian idols contestants… yet, there is much more happening that they eye didn’t see…

… And Hady Mirza used a strategy we talked about before in how to make sure you get more visitors…

Asian Idol Contestants

phuong vy

Phuong Vy from Vietnam: my favorite as she could pull of both fast and slow songs with quite an unique and powerful voice from a tiny body.

mau marcelo

Mau Marcelo from the Philippines: a voice that goes with the body: very powerful, yet the songs where a bit too old-fashion for me.

jaclyn victor

Jaclyn Victor from Malaysia: I love her but hearing her singing the same songs all over again made me fall asleep.

Abhijeet Sawant

Abhijeet Sawant from India: didn’t sizzle like the Bollywood movies’ music

mike mohede

Mike Mohede singing for his local Indonesian audience should have had some advantage

hady mirza

Hady Mirza from Singapore: I didn’t hear him singing as he doesn’t have a powerful voice but I noticed:

Hady Mirza

Hady Mirza: is he really the best voice? That you can discuss. What you cannot deny is that:
Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol !

What can Hady Mirza teach us about making money?

For those that didn’t know yet: TV is not there to please you freely, it is there to please advertisers and everybody involved in the TV industry. So we are talking big money here.

For those that didn’t know yet: Miss World being bought over by Donald Trump is not there for the pleasure of making 1 girl famous: it is there to please advertisers and everybody involved. So we are talking big money here.

For those that didn’t know yet: Asian Idol is not just there for the music. It’s about advertising, sponsors, image building and investments as well.

What better advertisement can Singapore get than Hady Mirza winning Asian Idol?

This was a voting contest through sms handphones. How do you win? Easy: by casting more than 1 vote of course!

So you invest a small amount of money in sms votes and you win!

Quite simple to attract advertisers and investors: you don’t have to be the best singer, you have to be the best in sending the biggest amount of votes!

That’s what inverstors are looking for: good ROI.

Making money online

Good ROI is the bottom line in making money online.

You don’t have to be the best voice like Hady Mirza, you don’t have to make the ultimate best Hamburgers like what happens at McDonalds, but you have to do something (EVERYTHING) right in order to give sponsors, advertisers and investors a good ROI.

Hady Mirza shows clearly that it’s not just about being the best voice, like McDonalds shows clearly that it’s not just about making the best hamburger…

Why would Mau Marcelo show up in the national dress of the Philippines and not in some sexy, funky dress? You should ask them, but again: the question shows that there was more at stake than just a singing contest…

ROI is the bottom line, that’s why it is at the bottom of my post…

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  1. Well , don’t blame him for winning cos he didn’t expect he would win , blame the viewers who voted him . FYI he’s innocent , the viewers who voted for is the one to be blamed .
    Its based by votes 😀 , well Hady did quite well , but the rest were better 😀

  2. Coz he has a nice look. 😛
    He Beautiful day song is not so great…

  3. @indoconsoles

    I totally agree, yet all cheers to the winner as he played by the rules!

  4. ouh get over it people. HE WON. HADY MIRZA WON. no matter how many bad comments you say about him, HE IS STILL THE WINNER OF THE FIRST ASIAN IDOL. there’s nothing you can do to change this fact. yes, he may not have the most powerful voice among the other contestants but you know he tried his best and that is what matters the most. it’s not as if the other contestants are losers. they are definitely winners TOO. so I don’t see the point why you people have to get so upset over this matter.You people say that those people voted for the second country based on the weakest contestant. Why would they when they know very well that EVERY VOTE COUNTS? Don’t create big issues out of little stuffs can? HE DESERVED TO WIN THIS,period. Infact, he already won. get that in you head. If you can’t accept it, live with it.

  5. @Shaza

    Like I said: congrats to the winner!

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