Who wants to give Linky Love a good spanking?

An evil way to rank high for a certain keyword is reviewing a website ranking high with that exact keyword 😈

Take the keyword Linky Love (of course yours truly ranks number 1)

Now look at rank 6:

linky love

Linky Love review done by ThePinkC

Now look at rank 21:

linky love

Linky Love review done by J David Macor

What more do we learn?

  • If you work as hard as ThePinkC, you can rank number 1 at Wanna be on top and become Blog of the Weekend (yes Ellie, you made it this weekend and you deserve it as overall top ranking geek girl!)
  • If you are as smart as J David Macor and you recognize a diamond in the rough, you can also boost your rankings. When JDavid wrote his review 3 months ago: J David was ranking higher with it than Linky Love myself!

What do you do now?

Write a review about Linky Love with Linky Love in your title and Linky Love in bold in the anchor text (URL http://www.linkylove.net/) just for the fun of kicking me of number 1 in Google 😈

For instance like so:

Who wants to give Linky Love a good spanking?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I am going to do with this post: making sure that bragging girl Linky Love gets thrown out from her highest possible ranking at Google: even worse: she gets replaced by my post! Start crying already Linky Love!

Your most juiciest posts and of course most highest ranking posts will be featured!

But the best post of course will be ranking number 1 in Google!!! 😈


  1. ROFL Oh wow, I never thought to see what my google ranking was for Linky Love!

    Thanks for honoring me as ‘the blog of the weekend!” I’d love to see you give some feedback as to what i can do better to improve my site! I don’t think I’ll make my goal of $900 this month, but it is okay!

  2. @Ellie

    Hi Ellie almost kicking me of rank number 1 πŸ™‚

    I will review your site throughly “one day”, yet for the moment you are both earning more and ranking higher πŸ™‚ So me keeps modest πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, I added your rss feed to the front page of Blogdumps!
    Also I Launched the BlogDumps Video and I am having a contest you can read about it on my blog…Stop by if you get a chance.
    All the Best

  4. Thanks Wolfbernz πŸ™‚

    You still need to tell me what I do with the script you send me πŸ™‚

  5. The idea is to give me a spanking, but I do settle with RSS πŸ™‚

  6. I put it on the home page of BlogDumps…Under featured blog feeds.
    Where did I mispell my name I liooked around and don’t see it…It is kind of catchy though…lol

  7. @Wolfbernz

    very smart Wolfbernz asking where the mistake is, that gets you an extra link to: http://www.blogdumps.com/bdblog/?p=370

    Your RSS is at this time of writing not working in my IE6, make it work πŸ™‚

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