Who wants to date Noelia at Linky Love?

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What, can we really date Noelia on Linky Love dot net? Well, we are in the progress of having this service for your, there are only 2 more obstacles:

  1. I have to make sure my new online dating site is completely running at totally free personals
  2. I have to find a way to stop Noelia from crying that she cannot log-on yet and upload her personal data (as if by now there are still things she hasn’t shown…

So for all wondering why there is not much happening at Linky Love today, that’s because your’s truly hot geek girl is reviving the old Online Asian Dating site and moving it to totally free personals.

Meanwhile playing on the server, we also noticed that for the time being the captcha at http://www.linkylove.net/addyourlink/ is no more working. Oh well, I should have said we are updating that as well, sounds more sellable 😈

Anyways, whoever wants to join our toplist at http://www.linkylove.net/addyourlink/, leave a comment here, so we can come back to you once all is updated.

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And some cium-cium as well 🙂

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  1. I was going to update you on the placed ad on the topspot after a week or two so I’ll have more data but I know you want feedback if it’s working so far. WELL IT DOES!!

    You read that folks?! I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip because I like and enjoy her blog and getting a space on the top 20 isn’t bad in return. Not bad at all! I’ve had increased traffic coming from this website to mine- checking out my relatively unknown new blog! I need the traffic any way I can.

    It’s working for me and it should work for you too! So Why not give Linly Love some love and give her a tip! 🙂


    -the postcardcollector

  2. @Mae

    Please update again in a week or two, thanks!

    You are the first giving me a $10 tip and telling the whole world how much you like tipping me:

    I think you just pointed out the goldmine!

    tip $10"After I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip,
    I’ve increased traffic coming from this website to mine.
    It’s working for me and it should work for you too!"
    Tip her here!
    Mae, The Postcard Collector

  3. hey LL! it’s been awhile… everything was crazy over thanksgiving and all these sales and pre christmas shopping to do!! 🙂 i did visit this site over when you so kindly posted a boxed feature about my tip! thanks so much. it really is the best $10 tip i ever gave!! 🙂

    I’m happy to report that you’re my top referrer on my site over at the Postcard Collector! The traffic from this site just keeps coming and i’m glad i really stumbled on your site when I did! Big Thanks!


  4. Thanks Mae, euhm, why you hide your comments here and there? 🙂

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