Who wants to buy the John Chow pen?

As you all know, I was sent the exclusive make money online pen from John Chow.

To monetize my blog to the fullest, I am selling of this exclusive John Chow pen to the highest bidder!

So if you are interested: add your bid in a comment and the John Chow pen could be yours soonest!



  1. I bid 5 dollar: do we pay first or do we get the pen first and pay at delivery 🙂

  2. Make the bid 14 evil dollars!

  3. 18$ please, unless you accept a Valentino bikini?

  4. I wanted to invite you to a party this weekend at BlogDumps It’s Trina’s Birthday I hope you can make it. Stop by and read the invitation.
    Good luck with the pen auction!

  5. That’s not what the pen game is supposed to be all about – the idea is to use the ‘game’ to get a link-back going. It’s a shame as the other participants have paid out to send the pen around the world in the hope that each recipient would provide a link. However, nobody can make you stick to the game rules – you must do what you think best….

  6. Who agrees with Jay:
    -the John Chow pen should not be sold?

    Or who says:
    -the pen should be monetized as this blog is all about making money online 😈

  7. Hi Wolfbernz, are you inviting all the Linky Love readers?

  8. The official invitation:

  9. Sell the Pen Sell the Pen..

    Also check out the contest in mmmtalk forums. http://www.mmmtalk.com/forums/index.php

    Easy 2 contests to go in if your interested. some cool prizes with maybe more to be added.

    But I say Sell the Pen and split the profits…

  10. Blatent advertisement for Gregs forum 🙂

    @jay @ anand: what do u say???

    Greg: you better tell all your readers they can bid for the john chow pen at linky love!

    We should add something extra to boost the value of the pen (although a john chow pen should easily be valued at 88dollars!)

    All ideas and blatent advertisement most welcome!

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