What Zoey Zane can teach you about Money

Zoey Zane

Zoey Zane: Money is the lure!

Zoey Zane and Emily Sander

Did you ever wonder why you never heard about Zoey Zane until suddenly her webpage is down and at the same time a girl called Emily Sander that looks exactly like "Zoey Zane" went missing?

Nude photos of 18-year-old Emily Sander appeared on a Zoey Zane Web site before she vanished, and investigators are looking into whether her modeling had anything to do with her disappearance last Friday.

Modeling… really?

Did you read the word "modeling" on Zoey Zane’s website where clothes are optional???

No money is bad for anybody

People need to eat and feed their dreams. Other people see the needs and will sell you something… In the ideal world, they will sell you food you can afford, yet in our world they will sell you promises until you get trapped and there is no more way out.

"She enjoyed it. She is a young teenage girl and she wanted to be in the movies and enjoyed movies. She needed the extra money," Nikki Watson, a close friend of Zoey Zane’s aka Emily Sander’s at Butler Community College, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "Nobody in El Dorado knew besides her close friends."

Sander’s brother, Jacob Sander, confirmed that the nude woman pictured on the site is his sister, but he refused further comment…

"Investigators are aware that Ms. Sander was apparently involved in a Web site situation,"

Did you read the words involved in a Web site situation… Talking about objectivity in reporting…

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