What to give as engagement present?

You are invited to an engagement party: what do you bring? Apart from yourself and your best wishes, there shouldn’t be anything else required. Even when there is no party, the most appropriate gift would be sending a card with your congratulatory wishes.

But what do you give if you are closely related to one of the 2? Since there won’t be a typical list like at a wedding, and the 2 people involved still aren’t actually a couple yet, you should give small and personalized engagement gifts: e.g personalised celebration champagne flutes with one flute containing the name of the bride and the other flute containing the name of the groom.

The most logical of all engagement presents would be something that could help planning the actual wedding like a wedding planning organizer.

Read further for more engagement gift ideas: from small personalised keyrings or personalised photo frames to a spa treatment for both where each can still choose his and her favorite treatments.

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