What to do today?

In stead of me teaching you some SEO and Internet marketing today, it’s your turn today: THANKS!

Trackback to LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest so:

  • you learn how to link to other blogs with a trackback or pingback
  • since most of you know this already:
    just help me win the LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest!
  • you get a link from my blog through yours thanks to your trackback
  • you help me to show you how Linky Love works 😉

Talking about a win-win-win opportunity 🙂

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  1. http://www.ourblogreview.com/NewLookereview/Reviews/Linkylovereview.html

    I don’t know if it hit the first page yet, I didn’t see it – but it’s in the list of reviewed sites….

  2. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for pointing the review out, 3 times a 9, me happy 😉

    Does this mean there is a waiting list for reviewed pages to come on the main page?

    And was there a button to link back to ourblogreview.com?

    What do others think about the mentioned “problems”

    -the “in your face” adsense adds
    -4 columns


  3. I have done a button for ourblogreview, but the site that I hosted it on is currently being relocated to a cheaper host…so it may not be visible for up to 48 hours GRRR (I’m not bothered about the button, it’s the fact that my website is offline!!)
    Greg controls which reviews get on the front page, you can email him at: [email protected]
    Why don’t you ask your other visitors what they think about the ‘problems’ that I mention? You could write a post about the review and ask for opinions from your visitors.

  4. Jay , where to find the button you made? I surely need to ask my readers how they “like” the adds… How do they like what they see on your blog?

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