What the Pussycat Dolls can teach you about memek

If you are wondering why this post talks about memek and my previous 2 posts shows some tetek

  • since Linky Love’s add url site changed strategy to make money on the Internet using contextual advertising, I need to attract as much visitors as I can.
  • To answer sexy shoes who commented on my sexy stilettos post dropping by this week.
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  • because Ellie from thepinkc suggested to put the FUN back into blogging 🙂
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Do some fun calculation with the pussycat dolls

Do the following fun calculation with the Pussycat dolls,
and your result will show what memek is all about:

  1. Take the Pussycat Dolls

    pussycat dolls burlesque

  2. minus the

    harajuku dolls

  3.  then minus the


… and what you have left now is 1 memek.

Just note that the paper dolls in number 2 are actually Harajuku Dolls, which you can see more about at our harajuku clothes post over at our Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape site.

Memek according to DaddyP

Lately I am following a course from famous educator DaddyP, so according to him, memek is the female version of these fruits:

male memek

Male counterpart of a female memek
original picture can be found here
(his is much larger if you prefer…
I am talking about his picture)

Memek Basah

Now you know the meaning of memek, then what’s the meaning of a memek basah if you study the Malaysian or Indonesian language?

Well, with all you learned so far, let’s illustrate a memek basah like so:

memek basah

Memek Basah

All you have to do now is ADD YOUR LINK and you make me as happy as could be 🙂

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  1. I’ve just stumbled you …….. but I won’t sue.

    In answer to your question young Linky, my technorati ratings are almost completely stagnant.
    I really appreciate all your advertising and revelations of what’s in my drawers – xxx

    Ho hum ……….

    [stumbling is a mystery to me, like most things – do you reckon it?]

    Perhaps I should try to sell some banner space ……..

    just musing …..


  2. @DaddyP

    You must be kidding (as usual) when your Technorati ranking is not moving: the amount of steadily incoming links is quite growing these days thanks to your quite might I say brilliant posting strategy.

    Thanks for the stumble, you should do that more 🙂 It’s like drinking water: you have no clue why you do it until you stop drinking completely.

    And the rule on our site is; I sell the banner space, you buy 🙂

    But I would appreciate if one day you would join my new blog where you can sell off everything inside your exciting drawers.

  3. My technorati ranking IS rubbish ….. still never mind.

    I’m sending some Linky love on Monday ……… especially for your turbo-charged wheelchair ………. whooooooosh

    Popping to ‘new blog’ now …….. 2nd whooooooosh!

  4. Did I do this already!!?!
    To repeat myself [how unusual]

    My technorati ranking IS rubbish ….. never mind.

    There’s some Linky love coming your way on Monday …… turbo-charged wheelchair and all ……….whooooosh

    I’ve clicked on ‘new blog’ and have no understanding what’s going on – is it a search site or what? You know what you’re doing – I don’t – I’m stoooopid – you know that as well.


  5. @DaddyP


    This repeating thingy I started seems to pay off 🙂

    How much was your Technorati ranking 2 weeks ago? And how much is it now after your brilliant posts? If it’s going up big time, you cracked the Technorati code 🙂

    Where you clicked on “new blog” as it’s all in my mind still, so don’t worry, you are as brilliant as ever!

  6. It was 63 and then 62 and now it’s 64 – impressive huh?

    I never realised you had a mind – does it do anything? I’ve got one as well but it only seems to whirl.

  7. @DaddyP

    It goes down when an incoming link is older than 180 days, so you need to get more young ones…

    My mind these days erupts ideas faster than my body can master 🙂

    Your masterious JD minded post today is quite cute 🙂

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