What sexy secretaries can teach you about PageRank and making money online

Would you hire this sexy secretary?

sexy secretariesSuppose you are running a serious business and you need to hire a new secretary.

Do you only use one criteria: the sexiness of her legs in order to hire her as your secretary?

Secretaries with sexy legs earn the best???

Is sexy legs a good reason to spend lots of money on?????

Would you hire this sexy PR blogger?

Suppose you are running a serious advertising campaign and you need to hire new blogs to put your links on.

Do you only use one criteria: the sexy PR of the blog in order to pay big bucks and run your ad?

Blogs with sexy PR earn the best???

Is PageRank a good reason to spend lots of money on?????

What has PageRank to do with marketing?

Don’t you hear all over the Internet: if you want to sell something, then do some marketing where and how you want to run you advertisement. Most used criteria are:

  1. number of visitors that will see your ad
  2. quality of visitors that will see your ad
  3. quality of your ad

Euhm…. did you see the term PageRank there???? NO!

So whoever sold advertisers the idea that PR is a measure of the 3 criteria above has been earning lots and lots of $$$$$$ !

And as an advertiser having spent so much money on high PR blogs, are you ready to lose face and say that the money was not well spent? Are you ready to lose your job just like blogers lose their PR?

Linky Love is as good as John Chow?

JohnChow.com and LinkyLove.net both have PR4, so should I be paid as much for an ad on my blog than John Chow?

Well: if you take PR into account, then I should.

You now backtrack and say: Linky Love: things are a bit more complicated than PR: John Chow is much more this and that blablabla…

I can hardly agree 😈 , but why suddenly you see clear that PR is a stupid measure, and you refused to see it when you were writing paid to post blog entries?

Investing versus hit and run profits

If you look at my latest earnings report, you can see that I used the hit and run method to earn quick and easy money with writing paid to blog posts at French Swear Words. Meanwhile my Linky Love earnings were low, because I wanted to keep my PR intact.

How did you know when to stop writing for PayPerPost?

Red flags:

  • Read above: PR is a similar criteria material as sexy legs
  • August 15th Postie Prostitute: are you the PP in PPP?
  • 4 months ago : munny4hunny writes a lot paid to blog services and is one of those whose PR goes down where it was predicted to go up big time…
  • 5 months ago : The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust… you pay folks to blog about a product and you compromise that. Blogging as we once knew it (citizens expressing ideas and thoughts about things they were interested in or passionate about) is long over.
  • 6 months ago: Pointing to PayPerPost CEO Ted Murphy:"he’s the most evil person in this room"
  • 1 year ago :

You can argue: it’s so easy to re-write history when you know all the facts… You are right! But you cannot deny that

  1. basic marketing existed long before here was PR, and
  2. Google 3 months ago already started punishing blogs for writing for money and
  3. Yahoo 10 years ago got killed by accepting paid links inside their search engine.


  • if you want to kill your blog with writing post, make sure you have more than 1 blog to kill
  • the more cheap opportunities you take, the more your blog gets polluted and the more chance you have for good money on the short term and no money on the long term. Find out for yourself where you want to position your blog
  • don’t rely only on paid to blog
  • always be aware the Internet is a fast changing entity, so what works today, therefore doesn’t work anymore tomorrow

What Angelina Jolie and Brat can teach you about making money online

You don’t hire Angelina Jolie to be your secretary but you do marry her when you want kids, isn’t it Brat?

In other words: use the tools and people what they are made for or good in.

PR was not invented to base the monetized value of your blog on. It is just a measure taking into consideration how many websites are pointing to your site.

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  1. I’ll agree 100% on this one about the Virtual STreetcorner Doseydoe, also known as Virtual STD.

    I did paid adverts hot and heavy for 3 months over at my blog. Made some cash for capital to get things rolling. But rather than live off of it; like some bloggers living keyboard to mouth; I put it back in my ‘business’ and got additional domains.

    I’m strictly doing textual links at most, each one coming off after 45 days from one company. I’m also going strictly with just two companies…one that I manually have control over; the above mentioned; and another that handles the business for me behind the scenes automatically.

    So far if I were to strictly blog for content, my URLs and servers are paid for fully. By keeping my cost competitively lower than the rest of the bloggers, I’ve found I have ‘keepers’ to my site rather than those sponsored links that shop around if they don’t get the results from a high priced blogger.

    Good post, LL!

  2. @JohnC

    Even better post JohnC! Just you “forgot” to mention which linking service you are using… Don’t worry, I will stalk you until you tell me πŸ™‚


  3. a lot of good points raised here including that of johnc’s! the more i read posts about this issue the more i pat myself on the back that i did right on my decision to stay away from PPP. no offense to people doing it BUT i can not compromise my beliefs and opinions in favor of another’s especially i will not be paid to promote something i’ve never tried or seen in my life!

    i’ve got ads on my blogs but they’re just there for people to click or not. the ads are not my opinions- my visitors have the option to ignore the ads altogether and just read me. i don’t have to promote something to readers that’s been paid for to me directly to write it.

    NONETHELESS, if i may clear myself here: i respect bloggers who do any kind of PPP or blogging for money as long as they disclose that they’re doing so- not hide it. they have their own good reasons for doing it. i say, good for them, they have found other means for supplemental income. it’s just not for me…

    on a lighter note: i’ve tried again and again to link with you BUT as i’ve said, please check your form. at the bottom it has that thing where it asks to type the word/letters you see but i couldn’t see anything. therefore when i click continue, i couldn’t because i havent typed the word. i tried it on different browser, something’s wrong there. please check! i would love to join. really! thanks for stopping by on my area again… i’ll be in touch! -mae πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Linky, you forgot to say that my pagerank is back and better than ever – I don’t think PPP were to blame, I have heard that declaring paid posts (which I do) may be a google trigger, but that seems unfair if someone else does the same post, but doesn’t declare that it is paid!
    I still think viral links were mostly to blame, but right now I have PR4 (PR3 on my ‘other’ blog) AND in the top 10k on technorati… Paid posts are once again all over my blog ($200 so far this month), so we’ll see if my rank gets dropped again.
    If you compare me to Rachel (turningonepoundintoonemillion) she kept her rank until she swapped to her own domain and she has done four times as many paid posts as me…..However, her blog PR HAS now dropped, but her domain is new so that’s to be expected. (age of domain is now prominent in PR, or so the rumour goes…)

  5. @Mae

    Aha, thanks for pointing this error out… I was almost going to sell off linky love due to no new subscribers!

    I do have a disclosure policy on my blog, but did anybody really notice? And then: when do I have a paid post and when not, does that get noticed?

    Writing for money is ok, it just destroys “the natural growth” of a site, something MrGoogle is sensitive about.

    A no follow and a true mention that the post is paid would be a bit more honest for everybody. But honesty doesn’t make quick money…


    As you say: new domains are always ranked lower. I even didn’t get an PR those days when your PR went down most likely due to age (or lack of it πŸ™‚ )

    Your technorati ranking is quite lovely! Your viral ranking was most likely destroying “the natural growth” MrGoogle is sensitive about.
    Those days I had a slower viral marketing (the favicons) and although going slower than yours, MrGoogle had nothing to deduct PR from 3 months ago…

    On the other hand: if you do everything right and never ever wrote for money, but people linking to you write for money and get a lower PR: that affects your PR as well.

    Lots of PR blablabla, in the end it boils down to using the wrong tool for measuring the money value of a paid link.

  6. hey, am back! you may think people don’t care or people don’t notice your disclosure (just because it’s on your tab bar) BUT people do care. I do anyway along with some bloggers I know (and I read your disclosure!). I just don’t mean the disclosure BUT each and every article a PPP blogger writes, should contain a line that says: ” I’ve been paid to write this article” or something to that effect- the more creative, the better!

    It’s when a blogger doesn’t disclose on the said article that she/ he’s been paid for it that’s a turn off for me because I know it’s a paid article and the person is writing it like she/he means it or has actually tried or used the product. THat’s dishonest blogging and taking your readers for a ride- like we’re some kind of a fool for believing it. Well we don’t. And we can tell from a mile away that it’s a paid article so we don’t even continue reading or clicking on any link for that particular paid article. In this case, a paid blogger only writes for the company who paid her/him- but doesn’t get a reader’s respect- and that’s detrimental to the paid blogger because that will perhaps be the last time the reader will ever visit that blog site eve again… I’ve done that to a lot of blogs I encountered! Never visit the site again. πŸ™‚

    I’m not after a page rank myself because it will come in time for me. It’s the PPP blog that cares because that’s how paying companies gauge their “blog’s worth” which I believe as you do, shouldn’t be the case. I say quality matters most- to readers anyway and if your content has quality then your blog overall will get noticed and in time get the PR it deserves…

    Again on the lighter note: Thanks for finally checking on the linky love link. so it wasn’t me- it was the system. I thought i was doing something wrong or what… thanks for creating the account for me which I already edited and it’s up and running! the other blog, i submitted and awaiting approval from you.

    …and see I’m not at all biased to PPP bloggers. I know you write paid blogs and I still follow your site!

    cheers or as we say in Filipino: Mabuhay! (long live! All the best! Cheers!

    -the postcard collector.

  7. @mae

    I outmost agree that each blog for money service should insist in a disclosure per post (like Bloggerwave does).

    Anyway, even without disclosure: it’s easy to spot the credit card spam oops paid post in a blog about flowers… I really wonder who are they fooling, but it must work, because they cannot be paying money without return…

    Also: for $5 they get what they pay for: a $5 dollar job.

    But when it comes to well paid reviews that do allow you to be honest, those reviews I love to read and write with all my heart πŸ™‚
    I admit, I write for money but like I stated already long time ago, I am no more a postie prostitute.

    PR was something I was looking forward to just for the bragging rights πŸ™‚ Yes John Chow, I wanted to beat you in that, but ok, since we are now ranked equally, let me focus on beating him in making money 😈

    Thanks Mae for the loooong comments, better is you write a complete review about your each of your blogs, so i can use that for blog of the weekend between now and Chinese newyear (when there is no time for blogging…)


  8. i’m back!! my traffic at the postcard collector is kicking thanks to your site! πŸ™‚

    and now i want more exposure! lol i’m really interested about the blog of the weekend thing but i have no idea how you do it. You want me to just make a review of my blogs- like what it’s all about and why i blog? would you please give me some more questions so i can incorporate it on the article i’m going to make? i just want the article to fit with your current theme and i don’t wanna over do or under do it. πŸ™‚ let me know! thanks a lot! i’ll be seeing you here…



  9. @ Mae

    You better overdue the part of your blog and just be honest about the part of the ScratchBack Tip.

    Questions could be: why are you bloggiing, why the postcard idea, whay your other blog came to live in stead of just having 1 blog, what are you doing in US, if you are monetizing your blog, how you do it, what can we learn from you, what worked, what didn’t work… More questions needed? Just ask πŸ™‚

    Jump Queue!

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