What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank

really fat cats

What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank…

What do fat cats and PageRank have in common?

Nothing really, and that’s the lesson to learn today.

The only reason why this cat is fat is because:

  • his bosses love him dearly and
  • give him lots of food for being a lazy cat …

If you want to earn money on the Internet: find a person, service, product, community… that you love!

Do you love Pagerank?

If you do love PageRank, then "carry on!".

If you don’t, then look for something you do love to make money online with.

  • If my cat has a website and he subscribes to Adsense or even better: Bidvertiser, my cat will still be earning money for being lazy lying on his back.
  • If my cat subscribes to a "paid to blog" service: he will have to stand up and work each time he wants some money. And if he wants to earn more money, he will need to get a better Pagerank… Now what does a cat know about PageRank? Exactly, only if you can write down the PageRank algorithm, I close my case.

The point is:

  • if you have a good blog that you love, you can easily monetize it.
  • if you start up from scratch like Linky Love AND compete in a field with lots of proven big money earners, thinks twice before you start!

Only a niche that you love will bring in a decent flow of money.

And as you can see: make money online is not a niche, therefore I am not making big money here.

But I do make a decent income with my other websites 🙂

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  2. @Blog Opinion

    Looking at your blog, I can see you are making money 😉

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