What pole-dancing can teach you about PageRank: Monthly Earnings!

Why didn’t I update my monthly earnings until now? Because I got alarmed when 3 months ago there was no PR upgrade, only PageRank downgrades… which had a big influence on my strategy and earnings.

It’s earnings that count

Earnings Strategy: my answer to Google dropping PageRank

  1. Take an old horse (French Swear Words blog) from the stable,
  2. Put on your sharpest steel spores and
  3. Blatantly ride the horse until it dies…
  4. make sure you grow and groom new race-horses (Linky Love blog) in the mean time

Ride the old horse results

  • earnings: French Swear Words was close to my monthly targets (made for Linky Love though…)
  • PageRank: French Swear Words dropped from 4 to 2 (which means there is still space for:
    • riding it harder until it really dies
    • getting the vet in, clean the wounds and make sure it has a nice old retirement
      being a PPP postie prostitute, I could end up in jail (read: my pagerank will go down) but once I am out of jail, licked my wounds, life goes on as before!

Spare the new horse results

  • earnings: Linky Love was not doing anything, therefore earnings way below target
  • PageRank: Linky Love went from 0 to 4 (which means there is still space for:
    • maturing more!

What went wrong:

The pole-dancing-fishing business model’s weaknesses…

Bloggers blogging for money…

Look at the fishermen above: what are the disadvantages of their business-model? In italics we will compare this with Bloggers blogging for money…

  1. if their pole breaks, they are out of business
    if your PageRank "breaks", you are out of business for Payperpost, Smorty, Textlinkads, Linkworth…
  2. the less time the fisherman spends on his pole, the less fish he will catch
    the less "paid to blog"-posts you write, the less money you will catch
  3. if the big fish happens to swim buy and bites his hook, he has a fat catch
    if you are lucky, you can grab a well paid "paid to blog" post
  4. the more fishermen on poles next to him, the less he will catch
    Payperpost went in 2 months from 40.000 to 80.000 posties… overfishing!!!!

How to earn money with blogging in the future?

PageRank related business model

If you really want to write "paid to blog" posts, then make sure you have a high PageRank (unless you want to spend 24/7 writing posts of 5$).

  • 24/7 cheap writing is how I earned $ 303.69 with French Swear Words 2 months ago (I do need to pay the bills…) and
  • This is why Linky Love is now more focused on Linky Love than on how to make money online: invest in the future!

Visitors related business model

SuperAffiliateHandbookNow for the fun part: PageRank is merely a number and doesn’t tell you anything about:

  • amount of visitors
  • behavior/buying quality/buying power of visitors

It’s still a people’s business!

  1. If you have good content,
  2. have a steady stream of visitors who are in need of something you have to offer,
  3. then they will be willing to pay for it! last month.

That’s how French Swear Words earned $ 647.15 last month!

This is the first time I invested money in my blogging career, because I do believe that all secrets can be found somewhere on the Internet!

yet I took a shortcut, invested some heard earned money and bought the so called Super Affiliate Handbook from Rosalind Gardner : woman power for women who want to make money on the Internet!

In her book Rosalind Gardner shows step-by-step how you can make money on the Internet being an affiliate.

The most important thing Rosalind Gardner teaches you is how to pick the best affiliate programs!

As you can see, that’s not that easy, as Linky Love is not earning anything with affiliates yet. Why? Because an affiliate must be custom found appealing to:

  • yourself
  • your visitors
  • your website

With French Swear Words it is much easier to find the affiliate that matches my Learn French website, which showed in my last month’s earnings.

  • The next step is of course: writing a website that matches the affiliate of your choice, and this is where I kind of fell in love with Rosalind Gardner.

On top of that:

  • affiliates pay much more than paid to blog posts
  • you can earn money with affiliates without each time having to fork out new content about a subject you have no clue about (like mostly happens if you write paid to blog posts)
  • you don’t need to have no PageRank for earning big money with affiliates: it’s all about you, your content, your website and your visitors!

In short, if you want to go the affiliate path I am going, buy Rosalind Gardner‘s ebook.

This little investment will save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. And I earned my money back within 1 month, be it on my Learn French blog 🙂

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Again: it’s earnings that count, big Pagerank is just a number used to pay you out big $$$ when you sell links.


  1. I didn’t do as well in October as I wanted to – mainly because PPP was being difficult and I wanted to spend more time writing quality content. I hope to rebound in November, though. I’ll have my final October figures by this weekend, I hope!

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