What Paris Hilton can teach us about making money online

  1. paris hilton the naked truthIf you have brains, you start at the bottom of this list. The less original you are, the higher you start in the list. Judge yourself which direction Paris Hilton is going…
  2. Sexy questions, Paris Hilton sex tape, Paris Hilton sex video… it’s obvious that sex sells. What is not obvious is that my make money online blog has the highest keyword search for Sexy questions.
  3. Make sure you get seen with another celebrity: Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are talked about as if they are always together. But who really used this
    strategy was Kim Kardashian: just showing her face next to Paris Hilton made her famous (and only then she was stupid enough to got her Kim Kardashian sex video out…, use your Brains Kim: like I said, never go lower if you are already on top…).
    Now if your clothes are as dear as your life, you need to surround you with mind like people. So start commenting on blogs like famous John Chow until you have enough exposure for people to notice you.
    Or be smart like John Cow: just act like a famous person: good impersonators can go a very long way.
  4. Act as if you are sexy, what about Paris Hilton The Naked Truth? Nothing naked to be seen there, yet the catchy word "naked" should have got your attention (that is if you are still awake by now 😈 )
  5. Brand yourself with a famous quote! ‘To be or not to be", To blog or not to blog or the most famous Paris Hilton quote : "Jail is not another Club?" …sob sob…

This post is related to One Night In Paris Hilton, and we do mean the Hotel 😈

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