What Paris Hilton can teach McCain about making money online


McCain uses Hilton’s parents money to make fun of Paris Hilton: is McCain ready to lead???


Paris Hilton MAKES money online


The only way to make money online is to make sure you have something to offer that people want.


You can see the latest video of sexy socialite Paris Hilton at Paris Hilton Stockings. Reading the previous sentence Paris gives people:


  • sex and
  • gossip


The money she earns, she earns by her own hard work, and not because she gets sponsored by others.


McCain SPENDS money


McCain gets money from sponsors like the parents of Paris Hilton and spends the money on making video’s where he compares Obama with the daughter of his sponsor…


So McCain isn’t ashamed to raise money like beggars do, he isn’t ashamed either to endorse videos that joke with the daughter of his sponsors…


Is McCain ready to lead or is McCain just ready to spend more taxpayers money in order to joke with the taxpayers?