What Palmolive Palma can teach you about making money online

You can choose between:

  1. The Palmolive Palma way
  2. The Linky Love way

Take a proven method and improve it

These days the one sure thing to get you instantly famous on the Internet is having your own personal sex tape.

The girls are quite slutty cute, sexy, gorgeous (you won’t hear me saying Paris Hilton is gorgeous though…) but the guys, well…

It shows that these sex tapes are made around female celebrities only.

Palmolive Palma makes an improvement

Palmolive Palma

Palmolive Palma whipped by Will Devaughn: finally some hunk material!

Just admit: the male and female role in the latest sex tape of Palmolive Palma could be just taken out of the movies. And they almost did:

  • Palmolive Palma stars in Baywalk Bodies and
  • Will Devaughn starts in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Celebrity Edition 2

How to get a spike of visitors

linky love load averages

Huge spike in Linky Love Visitors yesterday

Sex tapes vs Bersih : Porque no te callas

I didn’t get a spike because I posted a hot sex tape, yet because I posted political hot Bersih: Porque no te callas.

The good thing is that you don’t need to take off your clothes to attract visitors!

The downside is that this kind of spike in visitors means that your website is in need of better server resources (read: more expensive resources).

Let your website grow according to reaching your goals

In the case of Linky Love:

  • one of our goals is making money on the Internet

So if your website is a few months old, you see that your server is no more up to the job, you need to wonder: did my earnings go up as well?

If your earnings went up and you are making decent money online, you have no choice than to improve on your server resources: you cannot keep on sailing the great seas in a canoe, can you?

If your earnings are not going up but your server resources are going through the drain: you need to monetize your website better.

It’s no use in having a shopping mall with lots of visitors when they are not buying anything. That just ruins your infrastructure and at the end of the day you will make a loss: so you need to find a balance between quantity and quality of your visitors. In the case of making money online, quality of your visitors are those who:

  • teach you how to make more money online
  • make you money (buying your product, watching your advertisement…)

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