what NOT to do on a date (youtube collab)

dating tips on what NOT to do on a date! more juicy tips at vanae.com Post yours as a video response or comment! featuring www.youtube.com/stevedutzy www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Music by: Goodluck at the Gun Fight www.myspace.com


  1. ProAtEverything123 says

    Damn all the big youtubers are in this video I was suprised to see Brittany and skyy but then Shane came out and I was like ” who. That’s Shane” and stuff.

  2. lugialover999 says

    Wait wat if u masterbait in a shoe. Does thAt make u manly!!!! Hahaha jk jk funny Ass vid

  3. XOXODarkN3ssXOXO says

    i love the youtube collab 🙂 i’ll subscribe to all offf them!!

  4. sweetdwhite says

    “home boy we in the midde of a recession.” lol

  5. MrTarra33 says

    i love shane!!!!!!!1

  6. AceMcrea says


  7. bemahfriend says

    lol 1:42 – 2:01

  8. sungyultaylor says

    Hahahahaha, the ring tone part was halarious. Thanks Vanae!

  9. storysayer26 says

    Ismail from Dude Vision says do not bounce a plastic bottle of Welchs Grape juice off the top of your dates dome piece because it could hurt very badly. And also they would be laying on the floor shaking violently. Then ur date would be in some deep yogurt foreal.

  10. veothrax says

    If some random girl gives me a hug id be Wtf?

  11. @MrOver9000dollars haha

  12. @jessyrosegirl haha, i started laughing, and then i saw you wrote rolf, and for some reason it made me laugh even more

  13. Thejohnjackjoe says

    you’re ok girl!

  14. thedoctorand says

    I tend to slouch a lot. But wait! Do they not say, and I quote, “Be honest in a relationship”?

  15. SiuPhoebe1995 says

    @jessyrosegirl for mine, he paid the dinner for me
    so i also dissagree that having dinner on the 1st date is wrong

  16. LeMarquisDivin says

    @truckymacucky I appreciate your support and advice, mate, honestly I do. But my mum has no involvement whatsoever with my love life (or lack thereof). She’s back in Wales anyway. No, it seems to be due more to circumstance, or perhaps this city I live in, where I still feel like a foreigner, and where many here assume Brits are gay. I don’t know, American girls seem to be of a different breed.

  17. @MrRoboto81 it said not to leave your phone on…

  18. MrRoboto81 says

    What’s wrong with dinner on a first date?

  19. truckymacucky says

    @LeMarquisDivin That”s not right, man. Stand up for yourself. If you’re 32 now and still letting your mum tell you who you can date, you’re probably not too happy with your love life. Take control, it’s your life.

  20. MrOver9000dollars says

    1:08 Imposssible.

  21. MrConorjburns says

    ya im pretty much set chicks dig marines soo ima get laid

  22. chudsinator says

    bitch shut the fuck up. 🙂

  23. robiscool09 says

    We should make it a new thing for the girl to pay!

  24. I’d hit it…

  25. tkdkid155 says

    my mom enjoys gardening?

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