What Noelia, Percanat and Jenny Bush can teach you about attracting new visitors

Percanat up close and personal

What’s the hype about Percanat? You should see it up close here to believe it and then read on to better understand it. Be prepared: it could get hot and ugly!


Percanat up close and personal!

You are even more famous when you are death

First and foremost, sadly but true, percanat… your popularity ratings go up when you die. Have a look at our top website.

If you are a regular here, remember all the controversy that surrounded our Zoey Zane posts…

And if you find all this weird: switch on your news-channel and listen how many times the word death, killed, shot… is used.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what’s hot and what’s not, you need to have a TV…

So which hot topics do you use to attract fresh visitors?

Any hot topic that:

  • is hot in the news
  • is something you love writing about

Where to find hot topics?

  • noelia monge maximNoelia and the kind: female + sex + video… you can be sure you have visitors. Just like with anything you write about: if the subject is none of your interest, your blog won’t survive…
  • TV celebrities : just switch on your TV and see who is on, it can’t get easier than that and chance is big that the personalities "don’t bare it all". That’s good if you want your blog to be accepted in family oriented blog for money services like PayPerPost, Text-Link-Ads and the like.
  • noelia monge naturalJenny Bush: play with what you see and combine stuff, like Ellen DeGeneres when she convinced first daughter Jenna Bush to call her TV celebrity parents (yeah, you don’t have to be a filmstar to be a TV celebrity) during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen has seen her ratings rocketing and she didn’t have to produce any content herself, she just had to put the right person doing the right thing. SMART! And it’s always FUN to see the parents sleeping around in the White House
  • FUN is another keyword: joke around with anything in the news, lolcats included…
  • Read Digg, twitter and the like and add in your own new word like Percanat, get some bloggers involved, especially all your blogger friends, and start a hype yourself!


From time to time some people start a buzz about nothing and tadaa: the visitors come flocking in! Now "nothing" is an understatement like nobodies business! It’s really "something" but you can’t find anything about it…

Got the idea? They just created their own niche!

Percanat is something you can find in the German blogosphere. Somebody took a few minutes, added "percanat’ in Twitter and boom bang, lots of bloggers started in the fun! And the things coming out of it are quite astonishing:

  • The st. percanatsdom in Koln (tknuewer)
  • Seems you can smoke it for your own pleasure of breathing…
  • Percanat becomes useful for clearing the roads of snow in an environment friendly way
  • people even registered the domain percanat.de

So Linky Love wishes everybody a Happy Percanat with lot’s of visitors showing up!

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