What Kim Kardashian can teach you about tetek

What Kim Kardashian can teach you about tetek


More accurate tetek-tetek because about 50% of humans have 2 of them.

What’s the meaning of "tetek"?

Well, who better than Kim Kardashian can be a useful teacher here!

Watch and tell me what strikes you the most when looking at this Kim Kardashian dance video … or workout video … or what is she trying to show …?

Exactly, showing off her tetek tetek, and I am not referring to the deck of cards (which attracted my attention the most…).

Tetek tetek illustrated by Kim Kardashian

What’s the advantage of having friends Kim Kardashian?

Well, Kim Kardashian’s tetek are so besar that she is your ideal friend when you are waiting at a bus-station in the rain. You wouldn’t want to get wet, would you?

tetek besar

Tetek besar won’t make you wet…

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