What Kim Kardashian can teach you about attracting fresh visitors?

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How does Linky Love do it?

Summarized: using all the SEO techniques, Internet marketing techniques and lots of hard work!

Search Engine Traffic

Mainly I depend on search engine traffic and keep on evaluating everything I do and anything I can find:

Unlike ordinateurvivant I don’t submit to search engines: if a search engine cannot find me, then I am doing something wrong.

I still need to reveal the secret of Joey Moggie attracting tons of visitors without updating her blog! This is the ultimate example of a blog getting lots of visitors without ever updating the blog…

Time is nude

kim kardashian nudeLike my mentor Fracas says:

  • something nude helps
  • time is an issue, let me explain the latter

Search Engines: short term and long term strategies

I use 2 ways to get search engine traffic:

  • the fast and furious using Google Trend Labs. I leave the honours to somebody else to explain the nifty gritty of it, but you could have a look at my Google Trend Labs case study : you can get a lot of visitors fast, but this flood of visitors will only last a few hours to a few days
  • the slow and steady doing all the right SEO techniques: like ordinateurvivant says: you will only get your flood of new visitors in 3 to 6 months… French Swear Words is my SEO example here.


I use the "go party with your famous friend" technique.

You know the girl that’s always famous on the party? If it’s not you, then the best thing to do is stand next to her (The way Kim Kardashian got famous standing next to Paris Hilton, like so: )

kim kardashian sex tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape , see Kim Kardashian standing next to Paris Hilton
(Read more about Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Sex Video)

kim kardashianHow it works? In stead of doing your own thing in communities or blogspot, you add your blog to the profile of somebody you know.

Your blog gets instant attention thanks to just standing in the shadow of your friend 🙂

Now if you really get better than your friend, your friend should have the love to stand in your shadow and grow with you.

That’s a win-win I practiced with the blogspot Link Love profile: the original blogspot profile stated at French Manicure Pictures is not mine nor the vivid amount of blogs underneath…

Further on: communities are all about participating in the community, so you have to see for yourself if working the community is working for you.

Natural Visitors

Meaning somebody just types in: "mysite.com" in their browser. I leave the honours to somebody else to explain the nifty gritty, it works for me for Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape.

Pointing visitors to your other site

Add links on other blogs you have to other blogs you have, especially on:

  • blogs attracting lots of visitors or
  • being right on topic.

Again hard work and looking at the bragging me and Fracas did in response to Linda’s request, we did manage to convert a few of our visitors in participating to her contest (which is the next step after attracting visitors, so 1 participant could well be the result after 1000 visitors).

Evaluate yourself

Keeping track of what works and looking for new ideas every day!

What about nude?

Let’s go back to the Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian story. You do not need to use nudity all the time, since nudity is not family approved (although it is hard to create families without nudity in the first place, try to get the logic…).

kim kardashian ass

Kim Kardashian ass ets:
No nudity, just making sure Kim Kardashian is next to Paris Hilton
yet almost all over the picture. Smart!

kim kardashian playboy

Kim Kardashian Playboy on the right
Paris Hilton on her left
and Kim in the middle of the picture. Smart!

kim kardashian naked

Kim Kardashian Naked ?
Not at all,
let Paris Hilton show her bikini but
leave your assets to the imagination. Smart!

kim kardashian tape

Kim Kardashian tape, Kim Kardashian Playboy…
What’s the difference with the above pictures?
1. Kim Kardashian is not standing next to Paris Hilton
2. Kim Kardashian suddenly is quite naked…

What we learn from Kim Kardashian is:

  • if you play "the best friend of the community" strategy: let Paris Hilton do all the work, just make sure you are in the picture, preferably in the front or the middle. You will be famous on the spot because you are suddenly seen everywhere!
  • if you play your own assets and that’s your body, for sure you don’t show it in competition of your "best friend" in your best friends’ community. And when nudity is not your asset, the main rule is:
    • join others that can compliment you
    • be the best in any niche possible to wipe out any competition in that niche

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