What Jennifer Aniston can teach you about dating

jennifer aniston dating

May last year Jennifer Aniston was dating John Mayer in bikini at the pool and this May you can see Jennifer offering her but to a puzzled Steve Zahn in their latest movie "Management", unlike Friends, not that funny.


But we were talking about what Jennifer Aniston can teach you about dating. Obviously a lot because she hooked Brad Pitt. So what went wrong with their relationship?


Quite simple: Brad Pitt comes on Oprah saying he loves kids and Jennifer Aniston comes on Oprah saying she will have kids but not in the near future.


Now do your maths: who has been adopting the most kids the last few years? Right, that must be Angelina Jolie. No wonder the man that wants kids takes the woman that gives him kids.


Dating is as easy as that: find out what the other wants and give it.


Successful relationships continue to be successful when you already have what the other was looking for. Meaning on a date you can act out a bit an win over your date. But if you want it to be a keeper, you better make sure that your act is based on your own reality.


Anjelina Jolie in Stockings

Anjelina Jolie in Stockings


Since Brad Pitt’s act is based on jumping ship, Angelina has a lot to worry about. No wonder Angelina Jolie got mad recently in Cannes when Brad was seen with only even a friend of Jennifer Aniston – Courtney Cox. Maybe Angelina should only adopt real children in the future, not the ones dressed up like actors…

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