What happens when Adsense TM doesn’t love you?

My Sad Valentine

Just when you think Linky Love is doing everything right in order to show you by example how to make money online, Adsense TM kicks me out of their advertising service on Valentine’s day.

Sob, sob: we are called Linky Love dot NET and what do we get on Valentine? Kicked out…



So you wonder why we are kicked out of Adsense TM… Beats me.

Anyway, their email stated:

  1. you cannot tell people to click on links… OR
  2. you confuse people that Advertisement is actual website content…

Now it would have helped a lot when they would have told me what the real problem was, so I could have fixed it on the spot. Now I have to guess and since I never win at the lottery, most likely I won’t guess what’s wrong either.

So I asked them: please be more clear… That was 2 days ago and no answer… for a firm that has lots and lots of eager workers, one would have expected a swift reply.

Why again?

  1. I don’t tell people to click on their ads. I am not crazy to kick myself out of a program that is almost my solely source of income. And my click through rate is so low… Come on: this can’t be the problem.
  2. Ok, I do admit that the advertisements blend in at my blog. That’s what Adsense TM advises you to do, so that’s what I do.

Why really?

I make sure that I don’t show any private parts, no guns, no hatred (hint, hint Linky LOVE is the name…) so all I can think of is that somebody does hate me, tells Adsense TM to ban me, and that’s what happened…

What to do when you are banned?

  1. Ask why.
  2. Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket. I could easily switch to Clicksor or Bidvertiser or…, yet I am really curious why I am banned. The most important road in life is to learn and improve, so I am going to sit this one out.
  3. Know that the Internet is a very volatile environment. Like they say on America’s next top model : one day you are in, the next day you are out. Oops, wrong show… this is a Heidi Klum quote…
  4. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities
  5. Never ever make enemies on the Internet

What is the future of Linky Love?

First we will use this as a case study: if you read the TOS of Adsense TM , they can ban you without any reason given so… Are we such a case? We need to think advertisers: are we bad enough to not give advertisers a good ROI?

Quite simple: we show by example how to make money on the Internet. Of course you would have hoped that you could make 1000$ a month after 10 weeks, but the reality is quite different: probloggers mostly are veterans on the Internet.

We will wait a few days for an answer of Adsense TM. Once we know what we need to change, we will change it.

Adsense TM is a TradeMark. We are not related to them in any way. Our ideas and opinions are purely and solely our own ideas and opinions.


  1. I’m sorry you are having problems Linky – not being in control is very frustrating.
    As your betrothed, I’ll stand guard and tut really loudly.


    I bet you’re glad you said ‘yes’ now ………

  2. Wow, hope your other affiliate programs work out for you!
    I’m a complete n00b to all of this, run a proxy site network, get gobs of traffic but my web host keeps shutting me down, thus visitors don’t come back but when they’re up I manage to make a few pennies (LOL).

  3. @DaddyP

    Oh yes 🙂

    Thanks Daddy P, your TUT support gave me inspiration for this post

    You are right: not being in control is the frustrating part.

    Add to that : I do want to adhere to their terms asap,

    but since I gave my last clue to you, I am now completely cluee-less…

    which is also very frustrating 🙁

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