What happens when Adsense TM doesn’t love you : follow up

In our previous post What happens when Adsense TM doesn’t love you? we pointed out that there are no more Adsense TM showing on this site.

After asking Adsense TM, reading the TOS again and asking for help in the Google Adsense TM support groups, I cleaned up my site as good as I could, so we will ask Adsense TM
to review our site again and see what happens.


Please comment where I breach the TOS sent to me in email by AdsenseTM  :

As stated in our program policies,
AdSense publishers are not permitted
to place Google ads on sites
with content related to
programs offering incentives to
click links or ads, read emails,
or surf other websites. This would include, for instance,
auto-surf sites,
pay-to-read email networks, and
sites comparing various pay-to-click programs.

So if you see where I break one of the above, please leave me a comment, so I can solve the problem. Thanks!

Clean up

cats funny pictures

Cats funny pictures : all clean…

  • removed the word "click" in my FuelMyBlog button
  • removed a few "click here" words pointing to other pages of my site
  • removed the Do Follow plugin
    do follow
  • removed my personal add for Scratchback love
    increase web traffic

Next step: another email to Adsense TM support.

Adsense TM is a TradeMark. We are not related to them in any way. Our ideas and opinions are purely and solely our own ideas and opinions.

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