What happened to singer Freda Payne

what happened to singer freda payne

If you saw American Idol yesterday, you must have wondered what happened to singer Freda Payne?


Her face looked as wrinkled as… a plastic bag. Which is another way of saying that her face was expressionless: as smooth as plastic. Jeeeez, can’t somebody pull the ears of those plastic surgeons when enough is enough?


Bring the boys home freda payne


Famous for her 70’s hit ‘Band of Gold’ and ‘Bring the Boys Home’ Freda Payne looked stunning from far with a still in shape body to die for. But oh dear, whoever has been messing with Freda Payne’s face should be… well…, shot by the boys brought home!


It makes you not only wondering what happened to singer Freda Payne, but also who did it: a plastic surgeon to avoid!

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