What Fran Gerard can teach us about breast augmentations and making money

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What Fran Gerard can teach us about making money online

If you are writing paid to blog posts, you surely have been written about breast-augmentations. Mostly these posts have no rules:

  • just write an amazing 300 words… 300 words? Why so big?
    Well, as big as the size of the boobs after augmentation
  • get paid only $5… only $5? Why so little?
    Well, as little as the size of the boobs after augmentation…

fran gerard

Fran Gerard day of birth picture…

So what can Fran Gerard teach us about breast augmentations?

fran gerard boobsFirst have a look at these 2 pictures from Fran Gerard, Playboy Miss March 1967.

Now think 1967… you are most likely looking at real boobs and not at silicon boobs.

Also think Twiggy: the most skinny model of the sixties and now looking well fed sitting next to Tyra Banks as a jury in America’s next top model winners.

Get the message we have been getting since 1967?

  • be skinny
  • have big boobs

And to be serious: Fran Gerard has what she has due to being a bit chubby. In other words: it’s quite impossible to be skinny with big boobs unless:

  • we cut out some flesh here and there
  • we add in some silicones

Let’s make lots of money!

Relentless promotion

Really: if you have something new to offer like putting plastic under people’s skin, you really need to do a relentless promotion.

New monthly Playboy boobs, all these daily plastic surgeon shows on TV where the doctor says: "we want you, the patient, to be happy"…. Ever watched the money paid for those operations? You think you are making big money when writing 300 words for $5 about breast augmentations????

I repeat: Relentless promotion

The keyword here in getting your message through is "repeat":

  • repeat where-ever
  • repeat when-ever
  • repeat who-ever
  • repeat what-ever

…and repeat your message until people really think they need what you have to offer.

Just think in your normal mind: what is the benefit of putting plastic under your skin really?

Silicon Valley

Like I said: repeat what-ever, where-ever: repeat.

There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to making big money: the most porn can be found on the Internet and the last decades’ top IT has been synonym to Silicon Valley

silicon valley

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