What cats can teach you about making money with Adsense

You must have read the so called "earn money when you sleep" slogans,trying to sell you yet another affiliate ebook. But is it really just fiction and no facts? First let’s see what we can learn from cats…

Cats sleep a lot yet manage to live a great lifestyle

adsense cat

Cats earn a living sleeping…

If you have a cat, you will have noticed that they are mostly sleeping around. And people reward them with giving food, shelter and love…

Now if animals can do "nothing" but seemingly living a better lifestyle than some of us so called smart humans, we should be able to do something similar, or even better.


A sleeping blog on top of our Toplist Directory

One reason I have a toplist directory that you can join for free to become blog of the weekend is to learn from the top listed sites "how they do it".

And the most intriguing of them all is the Joey Moggie‘s blog:

joey moggie cats

Why intriguing? Because unlike the other top blog fracas attracting lots of visitors by writing lots of quality posts, Joey Moggie didn’t update her blog for 2 months and still ranks on top in our toplist directory.

A cat lover showing how to live like a cat: get what you want without seemingly doing anything…

What’s the secret of attracting lots of visitors

  • lots of hard work
  • the search engines picking up your hard work

Joey Moggie did something right, and now can sit back and relax. Same with cats: one moment in history they did something right, and now they can sit back and relax.

Making money with doing nothing

You can make lots of money writing paid to blog posts, but that’s lots and lots of work. As soon as you stop writing, your money stops coming in. In other words: it’s quick and easy money without any investment benefits.

If you had a blog or website like Joey Moggie, you just put Adsense or Bidvertiser on it and tadaa: the money comes in because you are attracting visitors. Sooner or later somebody will click some advertisement.

Do I choose Adsense or Bidvertiser?

If you are a regular, you must have noticed that there have been a few weeks that I was using Bidvertiser, where now I am using Adsense again. Why?

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Because I couldn’t find any decent website that convinced me that one was better than the other. Since I am back using Adsense, you can see what I think works best for me 🙂

Adsense Bidvertiser case study

You only know when you try, there is no "one answer fits all websites".

When I changed to Bidvertiser, I wasn’t ranking on top in my toplist directory. I noticed that Bidvertiser seemed to pay out higher click-prices than Adsense. Which was quite a shocker as I just like you have been reading about those expensive Adsense keywords out there… I was nicely earning more with Bidvertiser than with Adsense!

Remember: people are competing with each other, so what is true and what is hype?

Then I started to get more visitors and noticed the Bidvertiser Click through was not rising at the same paste.

That’s when I went back to Adsense just to find out that their ads where slightly more on topic than the Bidvertiser ads. Although a lower pay out, at the end of the day I was earning more with Adsense.

So here is the deal: comparing is difficult, which explains why both Adsense and Bidvertiser are still alive.

You need to try it out for yourself and see what happens and you need to know: having more visitors doesn’t always mean earning equally more money.

For me finding out exactly what’s happening behind the Bidvertiser and Adsense scenes is way too complicated and time consuming. So I just go for what I saw and my gut feeling.

Mind you: I do have a website running Bidvertiser in stead of Adsense as well. Same logic: try and see and Bidvertiser seems to do much better than Adsense there.

Summarized: try and see. Again: do your own homework and you don’t need anybody else’s advice 🙂

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Summarized: Cats and Adsense

You can do nothing and earn money with Adsense just like your cat doesn’t do anything and gets your food.

But: before you can live like a cat: you do need to work hard in order to get your visitors coming day after day!

The living proof is Joey Moggie: not updating her blog and still on top of our toplist directory.

Join for free to become blog of the weekend or to learn where your website stands when it comes to visitors.

Do you want more Cat-wisdom?
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  1. I have blogging for olmost 1 year but still not have much with adsense.I maid just $1 totally until now.But im not give up.Coz I actually not trust to any other site than adsense.And about the cat,hmm….,U giving me new example.Thanks.!!!

  2. @Roland

    As long as Adsense is showing their “Hurricane” banner, you cannot earn much with them.

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