What are your best relationship tips for dating and being in love?

Name the things that you have learned from your exes. What have you learned from all the pain you went through?


  1. kingda ka says

    to have your own lives separate from one another. don’t spend every waking moment together. it’s better to have your own friends and life, so that when you come together, you have more to share. Spending way too much time together is detrimental to a healthy relationship. and also, take things slow. it’s so much better when there are things to look forward to in the future.

  2. catchthelight says

    Respect him and expect to be respected in return.

  3. Relationship Tips:

    -Avoid getting into long distance relationships. They are to much damn trouble, besides why date someone far away when there is someone good for you right in your own town.
    -There are pros and cons to being single and being in a relationship. Know how to find that healthy balance and learn to love both.
    -Avoid people that you are embarrassed to be seen with. No matter how smart and cool they are if you can’t introduce them to friends and family there is something wrong.
    -It’s easier to get into a bad relationship than to get out of one. Think twice about meeting new people that can hurt you in life.
    -Have a balanced relationship when dating. Date people that will rotate when paying for dinners and movies and avoid people that just want a free ride. It’s also important to avoid people that want to take care of you all the time. Always remember when having either a sugar momma or sugar daddy there is always a price to pay and there is no such thing as a free ride.
    -It’s ok to be single. You don’t have to have someone to be a complete person.
    -Avoid dating people that are illegal immigrants. The downside to dating illegal immigrants is that you never really know if they want you or the green card. Watch out for marriage fraud!
    -Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Always remember that there are millions of other people out there to date and start a new life with.
    -Avoid women over 30 that have stuffed animals and wear T-shirts with princess or daddy’s little girl on it.
    -Never get married until your at least 25. You have the rest of your life to get serious with someone, so go out there and sow your wild oats instead of putting all your energy into one person.
    -Never co-sign a credit card or get a car with a lover or spouse.
    -Avoid letting a lover borrow money.
    -Avoid leaving your stuff at their place. If you do feel like you are going to break up start removing your stuff slowly and get your stuff back.
    -Avoid dating people that don’t have a job or no car. Relationships should be about balance and not just one person giving all the time or one person taking all the time.

  4. taliaa :) says

    wellll .
    one thing is to realise when you’re being taken advantage of.
    and realise when you’re becoming someones booty call instead of someones true love…
    and, no matter how much you adore someone, keep your own morals.
    don’t run after someone & be too eager and clingy. i often used to be that person: who was obsessed with people she liked and had to see them a lot and thought about them all the time and when she was with them, was clingy and insisted on couple-like behaviour. thank god i grew up 🙂
    aaand, dont let things turn sour. i fell head over heels for a guy who’s only intention was to get me in bed – which i didnt even realise. people told me and i ignored them. went ahead and got myself hurt badly. so there’s another one: listen to other people. when you’re “in love” you really, really can’t see their flaws. other people, however, can. so trust a friend’s judgement just as much as yours.

    see eachother regularly, but not all the time. don’t be the couple that’s always together.
    talking is essential. if you can’t carry a good conversation you might as well call it a day. if you don’t see eachother for a few days, IM, email, phonecall.. get a healthy balance.
    give to recieve: simple as that.
    trust them. if you don’t trust them you shouldn’t be trying to hold a relationship with them. if you don’t feel like you can confide in them you need some work.
    etc etc etc.
    ill edit if i think of more(:

  5. Good communication is the most important thing in any relationship.
    Try to keep things exciting. A very monotonous relationship gets old quick.
    as far as being in love, that is one of those things that you just know when you are at that point. I personally think that loving someone, and being IN love with someone is slightly different. I have an ex of 6 years that i still love, but i am not in love with her anymore.
    As far as staying in love with someone. i think that goes back to the keeping things new and exciting. Don’t be afraid to explore new things in your relationship as well as in life.

  6. Always In Lectio Divina says

    1) Being in love is one of the silliest phrases that I can think of to be honest with you. That is one the things I have learned. Loving someone is an action. It isn’t a state of mind or an emotion. It isn’t a feeling you get when you are around them. That would be infatuation or physical attraction. Loving someone is about how you are treating someone. In other words, it’s an action — not an emotion.

    2) Never allow someone to control your life. There is a fine line between someone giving their opinion about your actions and taking command over your actions. A significant other has no right to control your life or ever lay a hand on you.

    3) Some people just won’t change. Staying with them longer to see if things change won’t do any good. Usually what you have in the beginning is going to be what you have in the end UNLESS something VERY drastic happens. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If someone is a selfish jerk in the first month, he will probably be a selfish jerk in the last month. Don’t waste your time waiting for someone to change. It isn’t worth it.

    4) There are some things that you have to learn to let go. Not everything is worth the battle. It doesn’t really matter that the pair of pants that he loves are the ugliest things in the world. They are comfortable for him, and it doesn’t tell a thing about the person he is inside. There are some things that just don’t matter.

    5) Loving someone doesn’t equal complete and utter sacrifice. To love someone doesn’t mean to lose oneself. You can love someone without losing who you truly are within the whole process. Someone that truly loves you will never ask you to sacrifice your morals, your self-respect, or your dreams. Someone should love you BECAUSE of your morals, your self-respect, and your dreams and do everything to support you to keep all three in tact always.

    6) Being with someone means being vulnerable. It means opening up the beautiful parts and the ugly parts of your life. It means letting someone see you when you are sick with the flu. It means letting someone see you in jogging pants and hair a mess and no makeup. But, it also means letting someone see the pains, the fears, and the mistakes in your life. It means letting someone see the worst of you as well as the best. All of us are made up of life experiences, not all of which are good. To be with someone means to allow them to see ALL of you — that means the bad as well as the good. This, however, means that you must ALSO be willing to see the same in the other person, and above all accept them as they are at that moment.

    7) Intimacy is more than physical intimacy, and it absolutely more than sex. Intimacy is essential to a relationship, but it doesn’t mean getting hot and heavy on a Friday night. It means communication. It means knowing someone truly. It means learning about someone’s dreams and participating with them to help that person achieve those dreams. It means emotional intimacy. It means spiritual intimacy, which for me, as a Christian, is the BASIS of my relationships. There is nothing better than knowing if I come to my significant other and say, “Can you pray for me?” and KNOWING that he will when he says he will. Nothing beats that. Intimacy goes beyond the surface, and if you don’t explore it deeply, your relationship will fail.

    8) Don’t date someone with inconsistent religious views. The complications that can arise from this are numerous. It doesn’t matter if you are Wiccan, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. Religious faith is important for many people. For many, it is the basis of their being. There is nothing WRONG with this; however, don’t date someone that won’t value that religion beside you and with you. Don’t date someone that won’t help you keep your faith true and won’t be a partner with you in your spiritual journey. It doesn’t matter what the faith is. If faith is so important to someone, to date someone that has vastly different views than you means that on that spiritual level that person cannot relate to you. It means that a large chunk of who you are will NEVER be known to them. That can damage the relationship and cause a great deal of problems.

    9) Lastly, have fun. Dating doesn’t always have to be serious. Be with someone that you can be an idiot with. Be with someone that you can laugh with and will laugh at your stupid jokes no matter how childish they are. Be with someone that will play board games with you or card games on a Friday night if you want to stay in. Be with someone that will talk about the movie you just watched in more detail than “That was good”. Looks are okay, but being with someone that just makes you smile beats everything in the world!

  7. Carlie G says

    If it’s not meant to be, it won’t. If it is love, you’ll find a way to work through things. It’s not necessarily all a bed of roses, but you should be happy more than you are sad or angry. When you’re truly love, you can trust them. You don’t worry about what they’re doing because you know they’re loyal to you and visa versa. And from dating the wrong people, you learn not only what you don’t want out of a significant other, but what you do want. If you’ve ever dated a bad person or someone who treated you wrong, you’ll be able to spot those characteristics faster in the next person.

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