What are the best dating tips for a girl dating an asian man?

I am really attracted to asian men, but I have never dated one so I am wondering any tips on dating period. And esp on asian men. I am mixed and I a love all nationalities. But I am wondering some tips on good things and bad things about dating an asian man? Please help. thanks in advance


  1. Date me, i’m asian lol. Just be your self.

  2. Just be yourself. They’re the same as every race, you know.
    You don’t need to act different, just treat them like how you treat everyone else.

    But it’s so fun dating an Asian guy.
    They’re really nice and caring.

  3. mike_876875 says

    1. Do not go picking fights with random people on the street he does not know Kung Fu
    2. Or Sumo wrestling for that matter
    3. Nor does not know any Ninjas
    4. Do not gift him Nanchuks on his birthday
    5, He does not eat dog…..
    6. …in ANY form!!

  4. be honest, polite, and just be yourself and have a good time. we are just like any other guy. and uhh i dont know, dont try to get us jelous to test how much we care about u cause that makes us more mad than jelous. lol. but yea id say the most important thing with the relationships with us is honesty but then again id assume thats how it is for any race. Goooodluck haha

  5. Ermm.. maybe make de boy laugh, be urself and look good obviously lol and watch a bollywood movie lol then u will knw all about asian men lol

  6. Emily Linh-Thu Nguyen says

    Asian men are just people. Just be yourself. There’s no need to act different when a person is a different nationality.

  7. New Orleans Killa says

    most of them are nerd. Just joking, they’re the same with every other man. Although, they usually have a inferior complexity about family. They usually take thing serious and don’t wana mess thing around.

  8. It doesn’t matter on what ethnicity it is. He’s a normal person, and you’ve got to remember that. So act normal and everything will be alright.

    BTW, if you meet an asian man’s parents, ask him what you should do first. Because you might disrespect the parents without you noticing.

  9. Well I’ve been dating an Asian guy for over a year and no offence to other races but they are the sweetest most caring men there not scared to commit and most will never cheat I met he’s friends they are all faithfully to there girlfriends mostly Asians can hold LONG relationships and still be loyal

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