What are the best dating tips for a 42 year old devoreced women?


  1. happymommy says

    learn how to spell

  2. just be friends with men, you will see their true colours quicker

  3. Panacea says

    Don’t do any of the things that caused your ex-husband to get rid of you.


  4. your vulnerable…be careful

  5. Pertty!!!! says

    i would tell you but im not 42 yrs. old. oldie! but dont worry, we’re always getting older! either that or die!!!

  6. genora c says

    go to church

  7. George S says

    Tip #1 Learn how to spell
    Tip #2 Get a make-over (if needed)
    Tip #3 Learn new chat-up lines (guys love them)
    Tip #4 Sit at a bar and wait for a nice guy to take you home

  8. Always be careful and enjoy yourself.I am sure a lot of men are interested in dating you. Just try to enjoy yourself.

  9. star_accord says

    get a Christian Man. You’ll be able to find nice people at church. There are singles club and you’ll have tons of fun.

  10. jackpack says

    relax and live the little bit of time you have god knows your old

  11. Pete Allison says

    Date me and you’ll be in Heaven !! Good luck !!

  12. Tainted_Halo says

    Never never make the same mistakes you did with your first. Beware of the mama’s boys and check to see if they are living with mama. Enjoy yourself and don’t rush to jump into a relationship, never never let them play you for a fool. If they have kids, beware….they may need a mama for their kids. Good luck to you 🙂

  13. yellow_jellybeans_rock says

    What boring answers.

    Speaking as a 42 y/o single woman who’s dating again, there’s nothing wrong with admitting your age. It’s a huge turn on to most men.

    Stay away from bars and be choosey on who you date. Nothing’s worse than a BAD date after a long week.

    Dress to please yourself. Nice deep V-necked tops with skirts are awesome. We finally have breasts that we can be proud of…and that men appreciate.

    Be honest with him about the food you like and the places that you enjoy…but also be open to a new idea if he suggests it.

    Order soup and an appetizer, then go for a salad or something light for your entree…gives you more time to have a good conversation with him and less to worry about finishing.

    Leave all thoughts of previous men at home. No man wants to spend the night listening to how wretched somebody else was…and it just gives the impression that you’ve got too much baggage and can’t move forward.

    Make sure your kids know that your phone is only to be used for dire emergencies. I hate having a date sit there and watch me tell the kids to stop fighting and go to bed.

    Most of all, have fun and feel good about yourself. Life is so much better after 40 than they tell us!!!

  14. spudric13 says

    First, I would suggest to learn how to spell and use proper grammar.

  15. go to school take up spelling come back and try again

  16. Learn how to spell “DIVORCED” and learn how to refer to your self in singular as a “WOMAN”! That’s a good start.

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