What are some good dating tips for someone who is just too nice?

I am just too nice please help me. There is a girl and we both like each other but earlier one of my ex girlfriends told me she broke up with me beaause I was too nice.


  1. that’s obviously your ex’s problem its not a bad thing to be nice girls love it when your nice to them, just don’t wait on them 24/7 because you will be walked all over. but its never bad to be nice and sweet its Very attractive !

  2. Play nice, children says

    Too nice is a big problem. We don’t want nice. We want slick, adventurous, dangerous. Sweet at times, but not nice all day every day.

  3. icpooreman says

    Girls like nice guys… but if that’s all you have going for you that’s a problem.

    Try investing some time in yourself. Take up some interesting hobbies do some crazy things, fun things do what you want and like don’t hold back ever.

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