What are some good dating tips for a guy and tips on help finding and looking for a girlfriend.?

just like simple tips on where to find girls at. should i play a game of percentages and hit on every girl in the world lol



  1. you should hit on every girl in the world. duhh

  2. Dress your best

    Have confidence in all your actions

    Remain Sober at all times

  3. Good dating tips would be just acting your true self. Having a sence of humor and a wonderful personality.

  4. girls are everywhere, school would be a good place to start if you’re still there. be confident – thats pretty much key, if you arent sure of yourslef people arent going to be sure of you either. get a convo going before asking a girl out, dont just go up to a random girl and say ‘will you go out with me’ – she doesnt know you yet so she’s not going to say yes, you need to get talking to her first.

    as to what to talk about, it can be anything from asking her for help on an assignment or asking if she needs any help (again if you’re in school/college), where are you both – relate the conversation to where you are, what she’s doing, what your’e doing etc. or you can even open up with a compliment and then introuduce yourself and ask her name, then go from there.

    there’s so many possibilities dude, you just have to go out there, start talking to girls and make it happen. the more girls you talk to, the more that will build your confidence. good luck.

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