What are some dating tips for new guys?

In short, I’ve not had a girlfriend yet and I think things will be different soon. What are some tips for me? I need the background info and what you do, how often you do it, any lessons you learned the hard way… etc. Guys can add their good experiences and girls can say what they expect from a usual relationship. Btw, I’m 16 and a guy. I can’t drive with somebody else until next summer. Thank you!


  1. well basically.
    be sweet, compliment the girl, take her somewhere nice and pay for the date. keep intouch by texting,msn and school. because communication and telling each other a good thing in a relationship!
    hope this helps you.
    good luck


  2. Douglas F says

    Ok, Well i am thirteen so you might think my answer is dum but this is what i like if you were my bf.
    complements, and just act like yourself.
    I hope that helps!

  3. just be yourself! dont be to shy but also dont go bein a dick also dont try to rush things just go with the flow.

    also dont do anything you dont feel comortable with

    hope this helps, best of luck

  4. *Lil Wayne* says

    Well first, Don’t get too close until you find the right one, it’ll kill you if you do get really close and she breaks up with you. expect for her to flirt in front of you, Blow it off it’s just a test, but if it continues she’s not worth it. Best of luck! Oh and if you plan to kiss her when you drive her home or whatever kiss her on the porch and compliment her right when you see her. Best of luck!

  5. hey john
    well if ur talkin bout things most guys find out the hard way then…

    never try th kiss a girl on the first date inless the have the feelings for it and also never hang with lots of girls cuz she will get jealous

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  7. The best thing is to be confident. Girls like and feel safe around men that are confident. its not a bad idea to think of things to say and plan ahead almost like a movie script. Think of things to ask the girl, everyone likes to talk about themselves. If you can think of enough things to ask them, you dont have to say too much and they will think you are a cool guy and really like you because most guys, especially in high school only talk about themselves.

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