What Angelina Jolie can teach DaddyP

Who’s your daddy? … DaddyP will come face to face with the original sin when the diamonds are not delivered this week… it will get more hot than Angelina Jolie ever could imagine!

If you wonder what this post has to do with teaching people how to make money online… it’s an example of how community building leads to a regular posse of visitors. Over at DaddyP’s place, that seems to be an entire female posse… which is to many women for DaddyP to handle…

Angelina Jolie Jewelry

In order to keep your visitors happy, you need to give them what they want. In my case I love diamonds and jewelry like so:

Angelina Jolie Jewelry

Angelina Jolie Jewelry

And DaddyP loves women in wet t-shirts like so:

bikini snaps of angelina jolie

So we give what Daddy wants…

Unfortunately DaddyP is no Billy Bob: the closest he gets to a diamond is like so:

angelina jolie fake

Angelina Jolie fake jewelry…
Click picture to get to DaddyP’s jewelry box…

Angelina Jolie taking lives

Now what happens if you start promising things DaddyP without following through?

First and foremost: no more wet bikinis, no more bikinis whatsoever!

angelina jolie inbikini

Angelina Jolie in Bikini getting fierce HULK green

Then we will get after DaddyP who will be going in hiding this week most likely…

angelina jolie taking lives

Angelina Jolie taking lives

Yet since DaddyP is a master of hiding in boxes, we will just use some authority to get him where we want him:

angelina jolie without makeup

Angelina Jolie without makeup

And we will teach DaddyP some lessons he wasn’t allowed to put in his Daddy P Diploma course…

angelina jolie original sin

Have a nice rehabilitation holiday DaddyP!


  1. Do I get this right? ……….. you’ve bought me Angelina as a pressy? Awww ……….. you shouldn’t have ……… that ring wasn’t that expensive………… although, I must say, I took a lot of trouble selecting it for you – tee hee.

    Away tomorrow – so you can have some peace soon. xxx

  2. @DaddyP

    Please comment again when you are awake 🙂

    Happy Holidays, mine are starting now as well !

  3. I’m not awake!!!?! ……….. blimey

  4. Doin’ anything nice?

  5. @DaddyP

    I am always doing something nice, like leaving lovely comments over at your blog.

    Now that you are awake: thanks for the hours and hours sourcing for diamonds on the net… when you love what you are doing, it’s as if you only did it for a few seconds…

    It’s Chinese New Year Thursday, so me go back home 🙂 Like you the rest of the posts will be written in advance although I must say, it needs some brilliant timing to reply on future comments…

    xxx 2 u & Lo 🙂

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