What a baby can teach you about attracting fresh visitors

baby shoutingIf you have a new website which is nowhere to be found in the search engine, then your only option is to use baby tactics:


Shout and Cry case study

If you go to our Wanna be on top toplist you first add your url free and then see the top 3 ranking sites are all about entertainment.

  1. Fracas (1 day in the toplist and bang: on top for the rest of the day!)
  2. Joey Moggie (did a same on top from the first day thing as fracas, but fracas seems to be even a bigger bang)
  3. Z blog (who has been peaking above the rest only recently, so that’s the one to learn from if you are new!)

So I start my "copy cat" case study:

I did a nice Alicia Silverstone naked post with all the ingredients I see in the above 3 blogs:

  • entertainment
  • juice
  • very recent news

Yet I hardly get new visitors. Why? Because babies are not taken serious in the search engines!

  • Fracas and the 2 others are established sites, Linky Love is new
  • The 3 sites are about entertainment, Linky Love is about making money. My new and only weekly entertainment Thursday cannot compete with the daily posts about e.g. Vanessa Hudgens they are posting

What can babies do?

Babies can do what babies do best: SHOUT and CRY !

if your website is new, you have to shout it out to your family, friends, enemies, comment on blogs, comment in forums, write in newsgroups, write articles… anything that shouts you have a new website!

Be the best baby!

Very important: be the best baby!

I mean: who am I to compete in entertainment with the above 3 websites? It’s just impossible when you wear diapers to become big boss anywhere! So accept you are a baby if your website is new or the topics you want to cover are not the topics you used too cover.

All you can do is be the best baby:

the baby that get’s noticed in a crowd is…
the baby who shouts the most!!!

(You got that right, not the nicely behaving quit one!!!)


  1. Congrats to Fracas, her posts on Vanessa Hudgens have given her huge numbers. . . .(read her posts, Fracas is damn funny!)

    . . . . As of right now. . .10:14am, I’m on top of the list again, and I was so late yesterday as well. . . .I’m usually number one for part of the day every day on the Linky Love top list. . . . . . 🙂

    My hits trickle in during the day. . . . .so I don’t know if “bigger bang” is the right way of saying things. . .perhaps fracas made a “louder bang” yesterday. Remember, Fracas means UPROAR! 😉

    Both my site and her site get around the same number of hits in a day 🙂

    I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of back hits I’m getting from Linky Love . . . .so its happening. . .

    Good luck!!!


  2. @Joey

    Yes, I noticed yesterday you were on top again, so am really curious how you are beating fracas, it cannot just be the backlinks you get from me 🙂 🙂

  3. lol I’m still in the race and soon to be hitting nitros so wait for that 😉 I enjoy competition it keeps me thinking and now I have another blog to analyze 🙂

  4. @Z

    Oh, I am still in the race as well, kind of learning from you, fracas and Joey 🙂

    And flying under the radar 🙂 (that’s a cute way of saying I am quite not on top yet!)

    Now what would happen if Joey and fracas invited all their friends over to join out http://www.linkylove.net/addyourlink/ like you just did Z?

  5. Being new is a benefit. When fracas was new, I was posting and treating it differently. I had a different idea for it and after writing briefly, mostly without notice, i realized what I wanted it to be. Kind of like how had we put up our garage when we first bought the house, it would be in a different place than where we want it now.

    It always takes a bit to develop into what you really are, and that new period allows you to do that. I know other bloggers that hit it big when new, and they freaked out a bit because they hadn’t found their blog legs yet, and had too much traffic.

    So, though it sounds like the last thing you want to hear… don’t fret LinkyLove, you’ll be where you want to be soon enough!

    I joke a lot, but don’t pressure myself to get traffic. I’d rather have loyal return visitors than tons of hit and run traffic. It’s the loyal visitors that give you backlinks because they like you, whereas hit and run visitors are only good for that one hit. I’m too old to work so hard to keep up with that!


  6. @Fracas

    Too much traffic, now I wish I could say that 🙂

    Thanks for your wisdom, its kind of my wisdom but you are way much better with words!!!

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