Wealth and health

When you are running around in order to make more money online, always ask yourself why you need the money for.


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For Matt it’s a no brainer… and so it is unfortunately for all people with leukodystrophy: their brain isn’t functioning as it should.


Matt is raising money to find a cure for his 20 months old cute son Joseph. Have a look as you can help out :


  • by donating,
  • by blogging about Joseph on your blog.


You can find much more information at:



So how much money should you try to make on the Internet or anywhere else? The answer is: "enough money". According to Suze Orman, you need at least an amount of savings that will bring you through 1 year of no income.


As soon as the first day of your 1 year of no income arrives, you just don’t sit and wait until it is over… You get resourceful and do things you never dreamt about.


Joseph’s father Matt is going to do the Iron Man Switzerland. Matt will swim 3K, cycle 180K and THEN run a full marathon without stopping. Why?


To raise as much money as possible to help his son.


Go and share your love and a few bucks, even a few pennies will do!