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Maiylah only recently joined our Add your link Linky Love website, and like eLLie from ThePinkC says in how to become a better blogger: Get involved in the blogosphere! Why? Because you have to built up your own community: not a bunch of links at MyBlogLog but team up with your own friends, partners, guest-bloggers, commentators….

Blog of the weekend: Life snippets

I love Maiylah‘s website because:

lifesnippets add your link

  • the WordPress theme used is functional, sober and beautiful
  • lots of beautiful own pictures, which makes it what a blog is all about : very personal
  • she joined the again beautiful favicon matrix: to get more visitors to your site, you should join here. Linky Love will make you a favicon on request and of course FREE (like JLo says: my love is FREE)!
  • the blog is beautifully monetized!
  • she only needs to explain me what the beautiful blog at http://jhoaniquing.lifesnippets.net/ is all about 🙂

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  1. wow … am so honored, LL!
    many thanks!!!! 🙂

  2. I love her site, too! 🙂

  3. congratulations maiylah!!! you deserve it !!!

  4. I love maiylah’s site because it’s way prettier than my site: personal pictures do make a difference when it comes to personal blogs 🙂

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