Video Ida Nerina

anak ida nerinaIs it really Ida Nerina in a pornographic video or does this Malaysian top actress only features comedy and horror movies? The Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal throws some horror in Ida’s personal life though…

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Ida Nerina

Why go all the way to Hong Kong for the Edison Chen Scandal when you can have sex scandals in Malaysia as well?

Just like Edison Chen: Fauzi Nawawi is an actor and not at all married to Ida Nerina…

And the Edison Chen pictures were a couple of years old… Ida Nerina only married "a couple of years" ago also… So is someone jealous?

ella jojie ida nerinaWhat do the 2 videos Video Ella Jojie Bogel and the Ida Nerina video have in common?

  • the female participants rigorously deny it is them in the movie!

Now with Ella it was a bit difficult to say for sure it was her or a look alike, but with Ida Nerina there are some juicy details you cannot deny:

video ida nerina

Video Ida Nerina bottom right

Ida Nerina does admit the pictures in bikini are hers, on a beach overseas, but she categorically denies that the pictures in the video are hers.

Ida Nerina Biography

Part of Ida Nerina’s biography is that she is a Motorola Ambassador, and a quite juicy one as well!

ida nerina sexy

Ida Nerina sexy Motorola ambassador

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