Video Ella Jojie Bogel case study Fresh Visitors

Yesterday on my Total-E! Thursday I have been stripping about like nobodies’ business. This made me so famous that for 1 day I even ranked higher than Z.
Even Z had a great funny post about naked chicks, Linky Love hit the real deal with the stripping nude Video Ella Jojie Bogel :-):

video ella jojie bogel

What strippers can teach you about making money online

Strippers pay you as long as you are stripping so you don’t get paid anymore when:

  • you are no more stripping
  • you have no more clothes to take off, therefore you are no more stripping

Yeah, I repeat that twice in case your mind was somewhere else 🙂

In other words:

Although I had lots of traffic:

  • it didn’t translate in the same amount of extra money
  • today Z is again on top of me
  • Joey without posting for over a week now still nicely ranks on top, that’s the way aha aha I like it!

Fresh visitors: quality vs quantity

You know those shopping blocks where there are so many people that you wonder why they are all there in the first place: just looking, not buying?

At the end of the day I want to add links and earn money.

But the crowd I attracted yesterday wants to see nude girls…

So unfortunately that doesn’t give me extra links nor anybody is interested in my advertisements. (Yeah, I am told nobody can find anything on my blog, that could also be the reason 🙂 )

Fresh Visitors Summary

From time to time it’s fun to attract more visitors. Maybe of the 100 extra visitors 1 will return. So that means 1 real fresh visitor gained 🙂

As long as you attract the "wrong" crowd, you wont be able to make money out of them! Men looking for nude girls usually at the end of the day have empty bags 🙂


  1. lol you are trying to hard to to the list with only nude, naked etc. Keywords. Don’t forget thats not the only thing that interest people. I havn’t made any big news lately because nothing big hasn’t happened lately.

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