Vanessa Hudgens Nude

naked vanessa hudgensYes, it’s Total-E! Thursday, so get ready for some hot and juicy gossip about sweet Vanessa Hudgens. You know Vanessa Hudgens from the famous musical "High
School Musical" (or so I hope 🙂 …).

She recently became absolutely famous with her Vanessa Hudgens nude pics as well…

Vanessa Hudgens nude pic

Vanessa Hudgens nudeFake or not, the first scandal is the Vanessa Hudgens nude pic (sorry, mom reads my blog as well so I needed to add 3 stars…) on the right.

The Total-E! outrageous scandal is that Vanessa Hudgens didn’t sent this picture to her actual boyfriend and actor Zac Efron, but they appear to be sent last year to Vanessa Hudgens friend Drake Bell from the series Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon (if you ever wonder why some of your younger nieces watch Nickelodeon… now you know 🙂 )

Vanessa Hudgens Pics

This must have been the Vanessa Hudgens photo taken just before the previous one…

Vanessa Hudgens Naked

Vanessa Hudgens naked in a few seconds…

Fashionable as always: the laser bra matches Vanessa Hudgens laser eyes 🙂

Vanessa Hudgens nude pic

5 minutes before the famous Vanessa Hudgens nude pic

You can see the 2 roses at the right of the bed of Vanessa Hudgens, so these pictures should be for dating and boyfriend material only…

Nude Vanessa Hudgens

To top things up (or the opposite: no top at all), another nude Vanessa Hudgens:

nude vanessa hudgens

Nude Vanessa Hudgens ?

I used to send pics like this as well, so why don’t they ever get on the Internet? For mom: it’s a strapless top, so no worries, me is surely not a nude Vanessa Hudgens!

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  1. Toshi Mitsuji says

    Maybe if they see enough gorgeous young women like this naked, Americans will stop being prudes?

    I think it’s tragic that there are people who would hold this against her and that it might even hurt her career. I really dislike people who think sexuality is some kind of evil, but conveniently, they have already given themselves the most devious torture anyone could come up with—their whole life any time they feel horny, they feel guilty.

    The saddest thing is though, that they inflict this idiocy on their children. I only hope media images can help them chill out before it messes them up as much as it has warped previous generations.

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